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  1. cyens

    My experience with Power Pro

    Wow I never heard of powerpro. I must live on an other planet or something. I only use gudebrod silk to string pearls or this Chinese brand of nylon to string gemstones. Thanks for the info. I will look it up. Is it easy to knot? Because its fishing line, wouldn't the knots slide out of place?
  2. cyens

    Some necklaces I had to chance to string.

    Thank you so much for all the nice comments! It really made my day. I was kinda feeling down earlier, so this totally made me smile. I will post more pictures eventually. I do a lot of stringing for stores, so I get to see a lot of new styles or old antiques.
  3. cyens

    Some necklaces I had to chance to string.

    I've been a member of this forum for some time now, but I never really got the time to come here often to chat with all of you. I just wanted to share with you some of the necklaces I had to chance to string for some of the store or clients. I'm proud to have strung them, because I wouldn't be...
  4. cyens

    Special Tahitian Pearls

    They are absolutely gorgeous!
  5. cyens

    Pearls from Phillipines, what do you think?

    Nice! Those are huge, but I agree the colors aren't the best choice. I'm planning on going to philipines in 2012, I'm excited.
  6. cyens

    100 Inch Rope Challenge!!

    Hi Pattye, This is fun! I'll post some pictures in the album section. I have many, I'm gonna have to choose some.
  7. cyens

    Tools and Supplies for Beading and Knotting

    Thanks! :) I meant making the picture smaller. I didn't people called frenchwire gimp or bullion. I use frechwire about 95% of the time, because I don't really like knot caps, and most my clients wants strictly frenchwire.
  8. cyens

    New Fashion & Style Forum

    I think this is the carved shell, But the other picture looked like a pearl cut in half. I cut a few freshwater pearls in half because I wanted to see how they looked like inside when they were dyed, if the dye went all the way through, if they had beads inside and so forth. Most dyed...
  9. cyens

    100 Inch Rope Challenge!!

    I've made a few 100" inch necklace and over for stores... but I never took the pictures of them. Once I made a 180" inches necklace for a store, they store clerk told me it was for a country singer, which I totally forgot her name... anyways, I should take pictures more often... The only...
  10. cyens

    Tools and Supplies for Beading and Knotting

    Sorry... how do I fix the picture?
  11. cyens

    Tools and Supplies for Beading and Knotting

    What about frenchwire?
  12. cyens

    Etsy pearl sellers

    Imported Group Gallery - Etsy pearl sellers
  13. Etsy pearl sellers

    Etsy pearl sellers

    Members who sell pearls on Hand knotted pearls, hand made jewelery or finding.
  14. cyens

    akoya or not

    Yes I agree, these are freshwater pearls, due to the rings and not round shape. they are also very smooth.