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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Wow! That triple strand is stunning. Amazing array of different colours. Well done!
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    What do you think of this Tahitian strand?

    Lovely, lovely strand. Can't go wrong with that one. Enjoy. :-) Linda.
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    Kojima pearl

    Sarah picks out lovely pearls. Well done! Linda.
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    A Few Days of Pearls

    Yup. Love that B & W strand. Very cool and unique and beautiful. Well done. :-)
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    Please help me to choose Tahitian pearls

    I am amazed how different pearls can look in different lights. I would have your vendors (if possible) take photos of the prospective pearls in different lighting conditions, including outdoors and indoors. I also appreciate it when vendors have the pearls against a "less white" background...
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    Kojimapearl blue Tahitian.

    Thank you everyone. These photos are kind of grainy; taken on my pathetic, ancient Blackberry …. probably through a few millimetres of dust and grime. But they give you the gist of the beauty of this pearl. I love it so much, I wore it this morning while jogging along the Fraser river trails...
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    Kojimapearl blue Tahitian.

    Hello Pearl Peeps. Today I picked up my blue Tahitian pearl ring, and then went for a stroll with my father alongside the ocean. In the pearl's reflection, you can see the two of us sitting together on a bench, enjoying the view. My father was watching diving ducks, and the water, and I was...
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    my christmas pearls!

    Those pearls are all lovely individually, or together as in your photo. Well done husband! Linda.
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    Subtle Pastels

    Gorgeous lustre. Wow.
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    If you could do it over again - what would your very first pearl purchase be?

    Congratulations Red. Next year, I get a daughter-in-law too! Maybe she would like to wear some pearls …… Cheers. :-) Linda.
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    Who wants to go to visit Kamoka in Tahiti????

    Canadians can participate. Clap clap clap! Tickets are bought, fingers are crossed. Linda.
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    If you could do it over again - what would your very first pearl purchase be?

    Hello: This is an interesting thread. It has got me thinking too. My "learned" opinion is that sometimes the most pricey thing ends up not being the favourite. I have two tahitian strands, both baroque strands, but one is twice as expensive as the other. The "cheap" one is a playful...
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    PP Oct Sale Pearls

    Hello Bailey; I also have a parcel pickup spot across the border. I think the hassle, time, gas, etc, is worth it. I have saved considerable money. I am always honest, and claim everything …. and have never been asked to go pay any customs costs, I just get waved through. I have brought across...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I love all these different necklaces; Jerseypearl, Fuzzysocks did pick you an amazing strand. Enkeli; that keshi necklace is really cool, very unique. And Sherri; whew baby, you put together the most amazing creations. Well done one and all! :-) Linda.
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    Jumbo Tahitian Pendant & PP Sale Strand

    Not much escapes you Sherri. :-D I think that drop may be from Pearl_society, an ebay seller. He has some nice pearls, and some good deals too. Linda.
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    Jumbo Tahitian Pendant & PP Sale Strand

    Wow; very lovely! Lots of cherry in that strand, hey? Well done! Linda.
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    The designer's corner

    Nice job Cathy. Those are lovely strands. :-)
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    Tahitian Harvest Strand from PP

    Love that three strand look. Just beautiful. :-) Linda.
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    Tahitian Harvest Strand from PP

    A harvest strand is a representative of all the different pearls that would be produced in a harvest; rounds, baroques, drops, big and small, light and dark. Maybe keshi? Very cool.