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    what color background to display pearls

    Great question! We normally show pearls on white background. It's a combination of showing the product best overall vs. total online experience. Having said that, some of our partners show them on gray/shaded backgrounds, and it has not hurt their performance. I think in the end it's the...
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    c.1890-1910 Art Nouveau Ring sold as "Natural Pearl"

    As others have said, have your jeweler pay some attention to the diamond prongs. One of the great things about a 6-prong setting is that failure of one prong doesn't make the diamond unstable. But failure of two prongs could put you in the danger zone... It's really impossible to say for sure...
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    Hong Kong show attendee information help

    The documentation and getting in is crucial of course, but let me reiterate another point Katbran made that's nearly as important: Comfortable Shoes. I once (once!) made the mistake of wearing new shoes to an industry show. There is no misery worse: The blisters of day 1 will be the festering...
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    Steve Bloom tears it up

    Other than James Gandolfini being dead... I'd view that as a compliment, Mr. Sheperd!
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    Steve Bloom tears it up

    I've read it... a testament to my ability to choke down nausea, I suppose. For my part, I look forward to a more positive viewpoint of our industry via I hope to see that completed soon. The trailer is tres interessant indeed!
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    Grandmothers' pearls

    Though it may sound odd from a guy in "the pearl business"... I have no problem with imitations. My wife owns some seriously-decadent genuine pearls - and on special occasions, loves wearing them. But it's her shell-pearls and imitations that she wears daily. They look great, and if they get...
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    Aunt's 30-40 Year Old Korean Pearls

    Hey thanks for the responses and sorry to have got all tied up with stuff this week... I would have said "badly-restrung-but-okay/decent-quality cultured akoya" if it were up to me. Having said that.. dayum! Someone did a worse-even-than-usual-amateur job on these with what looks like fishing...
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    Aunt's 30-40 Year Old Korean Pearls

    We get a fair number of inquiries on the "what kind of pearls do I have?" basis, and normally tell folks to head over here to get an expert/group opinion. Had a first today though: someone flat out said "nope, too much trouble"... Okaaaay. Yet I find myself curious what the group would have...
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    Galatea's #NFC Pearl Give Jewelry a Voice

    I think they're fantastic. I'm pretty sure next Mother's Day I'll be getting my mother a necklace with one pearl for each grandchild, with each one's voice/video or picture on 'their' pearl...
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    New to pearls - so much to learn

    As others have said, a gentle wash and some clearer photos would really help. Having said that, my gut reaction would be to lean toward imitation, because of the silver clasp. Not a hard-and-fast rule, but you less-often find genuine Akoya with silver clasp (or imitation with real gold clasp...
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    Pearl Rings for Larger Hands

    Totally agree! I love big bold jewelry/pearls myself. "Dainty" is fine for some, but not in my vocabulary. A couple times, my wife has even had to ask me for "something a little less over-the-top this year okay?"... Nah. Over-the-top is way too much fun!
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    In honor of Thanksgiving, Emiko birds are the Pearls of the Week!

    Emiko finds the most amazing pearls and turns them into works of art. Ron and his crew truly find awesome one-of-a-kind pearls that we'd never otherwise get to see. My personal favorite is their Scorpion Brooch, but their birds are also stunning. It's all just fantastic. What an amazing company...
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    Are these real vintage Tahitian pearls?

    On top of what Pearl Dreams says about the pearls (and I agree), the clasp looks modern. 10K Yellow Gold would not have been typical for the period, nor is it stylistically 1920's looking. What it -does- look like is a standard 'filigree' style clasp that's put on thousands of modern...
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    TJ Maxx Strand - photos and some questions

    Thanks for satisfying my curiousity! That's what I'd have bet on: While it's possible to find falsely-stamped "gold" items, it's about 99% less common than a misleading tag. I'm crazy enough that I carry around a loupe and always look for the stamp/hallmark, even though salespeople look at me...
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    TJ Maxx Strand - photos and some questions

    Out of curiousity, was that base metal clasp stamped 14K, or only the tag said so? Having worked at places that sold to overstock retailers and being familiar with their acquisition & QA process, I would very much suspect they did not purposely sell mis-marked pearls. But in buying you have to...
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    Strack's "Pearls"

    The two are very different. Strack's book is much more a "scholarly" type work, and more 'scientific' in content, tone, depth of information, etc. The Matlins book is quite good, but very much what is says it is: a consumer-oriented buyers guide. I also concur with KAC's comment; though I...
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    Thanks, Pattye! Chi's work really impresses me.

    Thanks, Pattye! Chi's work really impresses me.
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    New Golden South Sea Earrings on the Way!

    The tip about putting a piece of real gold next to them for comparison was new to me - thanks for that, great idea! Would you think 14K or 18K is more 'on-target'...? They do vary, even within 14K the different alloy-mixes range from brassy to more orange...