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  1. Narcissa

    De-Stash Project - Stash Bash

    Love the components, and the "candy" makes them Yummy! Elizabeth
  2. Narcissa

    My pearls

    Color contrast so perfect, lovely lovely! Also admire the handmade trays - what an improvement over recycled glass bowls (@ mine). Cheers!
  3. Narcissa

    Ruckus 2019

    Jeremy and Hisano, I hope and trust that your travels and celebrations will be epic also. Your generosity certainly is. Deep gratitude for the learning and buying opportunities not to mention the partying! ENJOY YOURSELVES! Elizabeth
  4. Narcissa

    New GSS & Akoya earrings

    Yum yum! I too immediately imagined an enhancer pendant for your GSS. They are all beautiful, and look so nice on you. Elizabeth
  5. Narcissa

    Sea of Cortez pearl ring (my first pearl purchase)

    Userang, what a way to start your pearl collection - Sea of Cortez! Your ring has such luscious deep color. Yum. ~Elizabeth
  6. Narcissa

    GSS set, aka, "There's no such thing as a free lunch":

    WOW, I mean, WOW! BAS, they look like pure gold. And so good on your skin. Elizabeth
  7. Narcissa

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Love 'em - and bronze & green forever! Nice work.
  8. Narcissa

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Both such beauties - I never get tired of seeing everyone's metallic FWs - even my own.
  9. Narcissa

    Mikimoto Grade Comparison -- Take a guess!

    Wow, what fun - I didn't get past being boggled that the difference between is 14,000 for what appears (in photos) to be such small differences! -Elizabeth
  10. Narcissa

    GSS Strand

    Love the wire-wrap look & love the extender! Congrats on your great new necklace and the accomplishment of making it. Elizabeth
  11. Narcissa

    Opinion on Black Freshwater Upgrade?

    MoonSprinkles, there will always be pearl-lovers who have more, or less, budget. Please don't let that matter. So much is preference anyway: for instance while I appreciate and admire the rarity and matchedness of perfect rounds, I really prefer ovals and baroques. I like the way they feel, I...
  12. Narcissa

    Golden Pearls Love Lavender Gems - POTW

    My breathing went shallow and rapid. Elizabeth
  13. Narcissa

    Dyed Black Freshwater?

    Moonsprinkles, I think I redid my first necklace 5 or 6 times: I learned, I improved, I changed techniques, I changed thread, I changed clasps. I counted it all as pleasurable learning & practice. Elizabeth
  14. Narcissa

    GIA Certified Natural Pearls on Ebay

    Yummy! I will gladly egg on anyone on the P-G who is considering it ... Elizabeth
  15. Narcissa

    First Pearls Since Finding Forum, and Introduction

    "And maybe it sounds silly to wear pearls and other jewelry around the house but I am a stay at home mom so if I only wear things when I go out I never wear them. And I would rather wear and enjoy them, tbh." Welcome, Moonsprinkles. I too like the look and feel of non-round pearls, and find...
  16. Narcissa

    ??Sea of Cortez Pearls??

    BWeaves, that is drop dead gorgeous. I am dropping dead from its gorgeousness right here and now. Pattye, I do believe that lust is the appropriate term, in keeping with Douglas' descriptor "******achromatic" ;) Elizabeth
  17. Narcissa

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Metallic Freshwaters always fascinate me. I think I like them best of any pearl. Except maybe whatever else I may be viewing at any given moment. Maybe I'm part magpie. And that's OK. I love everyone's pics. La Corsetiere, amazing work (as usual). Like the hanging cluster a lot lot lot, and...
  18. Narcissa

    GSS Strand

    Why so it does! Suddenly I feel quite old. Really, can I have been knotting pearls since before there was colored Stringth? Before dinosaurs? Before fire? I used to have to color my own. Elizabeth
  19. Narcissa

    Why Did My Pearl Knotting/Stringing Thread Break?

    YES to getting the tension just right, especially for those of us who don't knot routinely. Tight enough for no gaps and snug knots, but with the graceful drape that is part of a strand of pearls. And remembering what that feels like between knotting sessions. Elizabeth
  20. Narcissa

    GSS Strand

    Sea Urchin, those look really yummy! I started out knotting using Stringth. I used a single strand, with one end striped with super glue, as a built-in needle. Once Pattye came out with Beader's Secret, I dropped Stringth and started using a two-strand method. I found Stringth to be not quite...