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    Natural-color Chocolate Tahitian Pearl

    I'm curious to see how the marred side looked. Did you take a picture of the back side as well Jeremy, or just the good side?
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    My first pearl photo (out of many, hopefully!)

    I've heard a lot of great things about Cubelite. A friend of mine has a similar system and he's done some great work with it. My setup has four floodlights lit by daybright fluorescents diffused by a sheet of paper towel. Works great. :) Here are other photos I took a few months back...
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    My first pearl photo (out of many, hopefully!)

    I should clarify the title a bit... It's my first photo submission to P-G and my first usage of my new camera and lighting setup (at least to achieve that look). I've taken a few shots of Tahitian pearl jewelry over the last few months, only to realize how hard it is to photograph pearls! :)...
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    My first pearl photo (out of many, hopefully!)

    Thanks everyone. :) I'll post more over the weekend. I was basically testing out a camera and lighting setup last night. Getting that white background without any Photoshop manipulation AND maintaining the quality of the pearl in the image took a while to perfect, but it wasn't as hard as I...
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    Black Gumballs

    Beautiful indeed. :)
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    My first pearl photo (out of many, hopefully!)

    Hi everyone, Seeing that so many of you have posted some really great pictures of pearls, allow me to submit my own little humble contribution. I hope you like it. :) Of course, questions and comments are welcome.
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    Pearl Maxima in Naturalis/Leiden

    Nice base indeed. I think the Pearl of Allah looks more appealing though.
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    Just got last months PP special ( cfwp black double strand)

    Beautiful indeed. And by that I mean all three! : )
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    Aloha! Thanks for the warm welcome :)

    Aloha! Thanks for the warm welcome :)