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  1. Cathybear

    Good pearls vs. play pearls?

    Same for me Pattye
  2. Cathybear

    Great grandma's pearls

    I'm no expert on south sea pearls either but that's what popped into my head when I saw the photos. They are FABULOUS!
  3. Cathybear

    Question about Sterling silver beads

    They might be okay for mixing with small pearls but they might squash if used with bigger ones. Its good they're seamless. If they have seams they can split open with wear. Cathy
  4. Cathybear

    Moss Green PowerPro Staining

    I haven't noticed anything with my moss green powerpro, but I've had it a couple of years. I did try some rainbow braid, can't remember the brand, the colour came off on my hands as I unwound it, so i gave it to a friend who goes fishing.
  5. Cathybear

    taking pictures of pearl jewellery

    Thank you Katbran. My aim is to try and get the photos as close to what my eyes see as I can. No point in them looking better, cause then you'd be disappointed when you got them.
  6. Cathybear

    taking pictures of pearl jewellery

    I live in Darwin and the light is pretty harsh here. If I photograph outside the pearls have too much shine and you can't see the colour, inside with a window either side and I get a grey cast over the photos. I tried different places around my home and found the front porch, with attached...
  7. Cathybear

    Japanese Kasumi vs. Chinese "Look-a-likes"

    They're on temporary strands, usually about 16 inches long, roughly sorted; I usually have to rearrange them. I've noticed with these, every strand has been different so to make a rope its a matter of choosing two that will blend. Very pleasurable to string: the colours are amazing, and change...
  8. Cathybear

    Japanese Kasumi vs. Chinese "Look-a-likes"

    I absolutely love these Chinese pearls too! I've spent way too much money on them, but I couldn't help myself. I've made myself a rope and a shorter strand and am wearing them very, very often. I'll look for photos of mine to post... You can see I love the purples best, and since they're heavy...
  9. Cathybear

    Richard Simmons Makes A Statement In Pearls

    I thought fakes too. Glad he's got shorts on.
  10. Cathybear

    Damage "Black Pearl"

    Oh what a pity, it would have been beautiful before it broke. Fabulous photos though!
  11. Cathybear

    bead nucleated freshwater : anyone with experience in nacre depth or cracking problem

    I've never drilled a pearls; the only way I've been able to do anything to the nacre involved a hammer and my driveway heh heh. I wasn't game enough to hammer one on the tile floor because I thought I'd break the tile before I broke the pearl. My guess would be the cracks in the top photos...
  12. Cathybear

    Hey Kathleen! Nice to see you here! Welcome to Pearl Guide. Tons of great information here...

    Hey Kathleen! Nice to see you here! Welcome to Pearl Guide. Tons of great information here. Catherine
  13. Cathybear

    Thank you Lisa, I was a bit late in finding your message, sorry

    Thank you Lisa, I was a bit late in finding your message, sorry
  14. Cathybear


    That is so well done. See! I knew yours would be better :o)
  15. Cathybear


    Oh I'm sorry :o( I'm sure yours is much better. Like I bet you kept it up instead of forgetting it, leaving the taco sauce jar to get all dusty on the kitchen counter, and that you took photos regularly instead of only at the beginning.
  16. Cathybear


    After being in vinegar for about 8 months, then washed (not all, some are in the jar still). The dark grey ones used to be purple bronze ones, one still has some lustre, some look chalky but still feel hard (without hammer test heh heh) and the coin pearls nucleus is still covered in nacre.
  17. Cathybear


    In vinegar for about 8 months (lol... ok I missed some)
  18. Cathybear


    After 1 week
  19. Cathybear


    This was pearls in vinegar after 20 hours