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    Corroded pearls

    Cyril, thanks for posting this. I actually have a strand of used pearls from an antique sale that have these strange marks, almost looking like scrapes, but not really a scrape. Now I know the "rest of the story". Just curious, can they be polished in any way to smooth out the damaged areas?
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    Please help with identifying/authenticating Mikimoto Pearl Necklace!!

    Ditto on the clasp, without it, even if they were Mikimoto they aren't anymore. Those clasps are vaulable, recently one was going on ebay for close to what you paid for your necklace. And I do think many people confuse "cultured" with "Mikimoto". Regardless, you have a beautiful strand of...
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    Young girls first pearls??

    I'll cast my vote for the ringed Tahitians, I think they have a very "cool" look that would appeal to a young person. A single nice specimen on a cord would be wonderful and also casual enough for her to wear it for most occasions. At her age I received a traditional strand of graduated Akoya...
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    What is fair feedback?

    Oops, forgot to answer your original question, as to what is fair feedback. the ebay feedback system is a sham. So I usually post no feedback at all. Most of the dishonest sellers have near perfect feedback anyway, your comment won't really hurt them, and it could hurt you in the future. If...
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    What is fair feedback?

    I understand you are wanting to find "bargains", and yes ebay does have those, but those bargains usually come with a lot of ebay problems. I buy there only from sellers I know something about. Have you tried looking around on etsy? I don;t sell there, but I buy there a lot, and they also...
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    abalone pearls? and others?

    Ditto on the dyed freshwater, not abalone.
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    The Pink Pearl: A Natural Treasure of the Caribbean

    Much as I love books, evidenced by the overflowing shelves in my home, I would take a second look at the description of this book. It may not have as much "educational" information, as I get the impression this is mainly a photo journal with some text of a famous collection of pink pearls...
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    Help with this pin please!

    The word "silver" is not a hallmark. Hallmarks identify more than just the metal, they also identify the maker. Anyone can mark anything silver. Having said that, I collect pins with pearls, almost all of mine marked "silver" on the back, and to my best knowledge all of them from Japan...
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    Another clueless husband with good intentions

    I would also think about her color preferences in clothing. If she wears mostly black or dark colors especially when "dressed up", then the darker Tahitians might not be a good choice and white South Sea, or even the other colors would be better. Does she wear beads at all right now? If so...
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    Looking for information on a pearl strand on an SVU episode.

    Not sure what "steel blue" is, I think of a silvery tone when thinking of steel, ranging to gray, which makes me think they could be a strand of the silver-blue baroque Akoya? .
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    Need Help With Pearls

    If they chip when rubbed on your teeth, some sort of "paint", they are definitely not real pearls, they are costume (fake) pearls. Still worth owning, many of the costume pearls are lovely.
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    Grandmothers pearls

    You are going to have to do a lot better on photos to get any kind of a serious response. Close up photos, on a white background with bright lighting and turn off the camera flash. Also would need to know any markings on each piece as to gold or silver content, etc, or any maker names on any of...
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    Newbie: To Ebay or Not to Ebay!!!

    The hanging M thingy is fairly recent by the way. And frankly even if it is a genuine clasp the pearls may not be miki's, I know a Mikimoto clasp only, no pearls, was on ebay a week or so ago with bidding over 300.00 for it; may have been the UK ebay, don't remember, but just proves there are...
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    Newbie: To Ebay or Not to Ebay!!!

    The clasp on the Miki does not look right to me. I have been told, and can confirm also by looking at mine, that the real "clamshell" trademark on the clasp is actually not uniform on both sides, the left groove is supposed to be a tiny bit wider than the right. The fake marks are uniform on...
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    Need Turquoise To Go With Pearls

    thanks Sven, on my way with some cough syrup :o
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    Need Turquoise To Go With Pearls

    Hi fellow beaders, looking for a few reputable online sellers of GENUINE American turquoise beads. I have visited the websites for the actual mines , but I am guessing there are some vendors you guys might know from the Tucson Shows that I could contact? Unfortunately most internet sellers are...
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    MII mark on jewelry being sold as authentic Mikimoto on eBay...true or frauda?

    I decided to google Mikimoto and the Perlita name, and was a bit dismayed not seeing anything official from Mikimoto come up, a bunch of ebay listings, but then a blurb from Kari Pearls site, and I quote "Four companies are under Mikimoto in Japan including Perlita, a lower priced pearl jewelry...
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    Need Help Identifying Maker

    Sinju, it seems this small size is getting hard to find especially in rounds and almost rounds of a uniform shape and size, well matched. They don't make enough money to fool with pearls so small I guess.
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    Natural 82.5 carat Abalone Pearl

    Ditto to Pattye, I can also see it as a pendant. Also not in my budget, but it is lovely. selling it to a jeweler that has very high end clientele would be your best bet at getting a high price. There are also some rock, mineral and gem collectors that like to add unusual pearls to their...
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    Is there a consignment shop in your area that will sell jewelry? This would be a nice piece for a bride and June heavy bridal month is not far away. Otherwise you may be left with only the option of posting them on ebay; if you do use "bridal" and "wedding" in your title. Probably won't get a...