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  1. lilliefuzzysocks

    GIA Certified Natural Pearls on Ebay

    Earlier this year a woman found a strand of pearls at a thrift store and came to PG to ask about them. Jeremy told her he thought they were wild natural pearls and to contact the GIA and have them tested. She did and the strand is genuine, wild and truly beautiful. Her strand was posted on...
  2. lilliefuzzysocks

    2017 Pearl Guide Ruckus People and their pearls

    I decided to attempt to take as many photos of pearls on ruckus attendees as I could. Here is the outcome. Golden South sea harvest strand.
  3. lilliefuzzysocks

    Make your own endless supply of beading needles video

    Sarah Canizzaro of Kojima Pearl Company shares her technique of creating beading needles using electrical filament wire from the hardware store. The type Sarah is using is 34 Mag copper wire from www.conwire.com. It's as thin as a hair and can go through the smallest beads.
  4. lilliefuzzysocks

    Lucy and Ethel hit the road for a pearl adventure.....

    Mr. Fuzzysocks was transferred at work and moved to CA in January. I am selling my home in GA before I leave the deep south. I am heading over for a visit and called Newberry to tell her I was coming to CA. Before I knew it she said she was driving up to see us. She suggested we take a road...
  5. lilliefuzzysocks

    Pearl Chat at Pearl Paradise 3 - 28 - 14

    Jeremy and Newberry are going to be chatting about pearls at 1pm on March 28. I hope he shows his latest finds from the HongKong trip. If pictures he posted on the blog are any indication of what is in that vault we are in for a very good time.
  6. lilliefuzzysocks

    Two Crazy Pearl Lovers head to Pearl Paradise.

    Tomorrow afternoon Newberry, my husband and I are heading to Pearl Paradise. We are going to view the August specials and the items Jeremy and Hisano selected on their last trip to Hong Kong. We are so excited because many of these items are one of a kind or very limited in number. Newberry...
  7. lilliefuzzysocks

    Spring Shopping Trip to Pearl Paradise

    Newberry went to Pearl Paradise this week to select her birthday gift to herself. She asked if I needed anything, and I had a list. She and Jeremy have been by personal shoppers in the past. They were on the phone with me for over an hour taking photos for me to consider. Then Jeremy set up a...
  8. lilliefuzzysocks

    What happened to these pearls?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/230835329263?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 I have never seen anything like this before.
  9. lilliefuzzysocks

    "The Battle Of The Pearls"

    At the Pearl Paradise 2012 Ruckus, these pearls were brought out of "Vaults and off "Necks" to be part of this photo. If you weren't part of the set up and know the answers, we would like you to guess what these strands are. The answer will be disclosed in a few weeks.
  10. lilliefuzzysocks

    Ruckus 2012 People and activities Photos

    Our Host and Hostess
  11. lilliefuzzysocks

    Reading something online and have a question please

    There is a woman on Pricescope with multiple posts showing what she is claiming are Natural Pearls. She has a certificate she has posted for one of the strands. Please look at the photos and tell me what your thoughts are. My question is her claim to how she knows they are natural.... Her...