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  1. pearlescence

    Another pearl scam - Fuersm.com

    Over here limited companies have to file publicly available information such as directors and accounts Here's the info on Vankin https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12186192 Bloomsbury Square in London must be a correspondence address because it is one of the most...
  2. pearlescence

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I - and they - are happy that you are happy.
  3. pearlescence

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I recognise those gorge little keishis - I should, I drilled every single one of them myself!
  4. pearlescence

    Fake, Imitation, Laguna, Faux, Majorica, Majorcan, Swarovski Pearl Photos, Stories

    I've never heard of them. But they appear not to have heard of UK consumer law. (eg - sell remotely you must give a snail address)
  5. pearlescence

    Black and white pearl strand - maker?

    Back in the day I had someone interested in a necklace. Her friend turned to her very loudly and said 'of course these are just freshwater pearls. I have some real cultured pearls at home' exit the potential customer, swept away by her sneery 'friend'
  6. pearlescence

    Black and white pearl strand - maker?

    I recall being stumped for what to say when someone said to me ' Oh yes, these are real pearls, I went to the Mallorca factory to see them being made'
  7. pearlescence

    Purple fade

    Some years ago we had a long discussion on fading in purple bead nuked pearls. As you may have spotted, the GIA investigated some Edison pearls (given by the company) and it turned out that some of that batch were dyed and some weren't. Which was a bit confusing but explained the spotty and...
  8. pearlescence

    Need help from experts - what happened to this WSS pearl?

    I made this from odd left overs and reject south sea pearls - bonus for me ...certainly not for sale
  9. pearlescence

    Help from expert eyes

    One of these is South Sea, the other is dyed nucleated freshwater (best dye job I've ever encountered. Not an Edison. They can have a faint brown tinge) (page 28!)
  10. pearlescence

    eBay strikes again!

    That quote in Douglas's post about pure 10k gold...:18: I've banged on several times about hallmarking being the process of sending precious metals into the guild HQ for assay and stamping as having passed as to a specific standard. At the London Assay office of Goldsmith's Hall (you will have...
  11. pearlescence

    Silly question: can creamy WSS be bleached to white WSS?

    Yup. This is the real thing! It is a life memory.
  12. pearlescence

    Pearl Books & Resources

    Talking of men wearing pearls... When Josh Humbert was over here we met up at Stonehenge for me to collect some Kamoka pearls.
  13. pearlescence

    Two pearl 'finds'

    Passing this on as the two pieces are lovely. https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/antiques-roadshow-guest-learns-real-23541604
  14. pearlescence

    Pearl Books & Resources

    Slightly shaky translation from Thai For Mr. Code Chai, it was a news report for picking orange pearls or ′′ pearl melo ′′ which is rare in the seaside area behind the house. It was hilariously posted on Facebook that there was a businessman. I want to buy for 5 million baht, but I haven't sold...
  15. pearlescence

    Pinctada mazatlanica?

    I was channel-hopping last night and ended up on our UK tv jewellery shopping channel, just as the presenter started to get very excited about some new pearls which are about to replace Tahitian pearls. There were maps, there were photos: there was my jaw dropping. 'what new species of oyster/'...
  16. pearlescence

    South sea pearls?

    Here's the pink
  17. pearlescence

    What do you think about this ring?

    I enlarged photo 3 and looked carefully. As far as I can tell from the photo (and I may be wrong) this is not a tension ring. It can't be a tension shank with all those stones in it. The two ends appear to have been shaped to fit the base of the pearl and there may be pegs or pins but unless...
  18. pearlescence

    Tin Cup Necklace History

    I think I still have some of that cord, Douglas. They were called floating pearls because it looked - from a distance - as if the pearls were just floating. Or illusion necklaces. They were everywhere and definitely a 'thing' back then. I found a photo. I remember they were easy but tedious to...
  19. pearlescence


    Who can identify these pearls, and the ageless beauty wearing them?
  20. pearlescence

    My pearls

    Here's my daughter's cat demonstrating the tooth test