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Search results

  1. Bacca

    Blue Pearls

    This is a necklace with a 14k clasp. Size of the pearls is 8.0-8.5mm. I have no history on them other than they're vintage. I bought them because they seemed to want to come live with me. I don't know if the color is natural or enhanced. I don't see any pooling of dye. The first two pictures...
  2. Bacca

    seller says are Akoya. True?

    Pearly Lady, looks like you're having some success in your search. This is probably a hectic time, but if you're able to post a picture when you get your pearls, that would be great. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage. Karin, one of these days I hope to figure out how to be smarter than...
  3. Bacca

    What We Need to Know to Best Evaluate Your Pearls

    Hello and welcome. If you're hoping to identify some pearls, members here are happy to assist. In order to help us help you, we ask you to please include the following information in your first post: Whether the pearls feel gritty or smooth when rubbed against your teeth or when you rub two...
  4. Bacca

    Old Pearl Fashion

    Pieces made of natural and cultured pearls are mentioned here sometimes and I thought folks might be interested in seeing this example on Ruby Lane: SLS! SAVE $1200! VERY RARE Antique NATURAL & Cultured South Sea Pearl & Diamond Double-Strand Necklace - GIA Report The dates and sizes aren't...
  5. Bacca

    Inherited La Tausca Pearls from my grandma, what year are they? What are they worth?

    My first reaction was La Tausca = simulated and a Google search showed mostly the same thing. Still, your certificate says they're cultured pearls and I think you have to leave room for that possibility. In the ads for La Tausca imitation pearls they're described as "simulated." Even in the ads...
  6. Bacca

    What do you think these are?

    I'm partial to vintage jewelry so I often cruise eBay. Here are two items that intrigued me. I corresponded with each seller and they both seemed honest. Although I wound up not bidding on either, I'm still curious about what kind of pearls these might be...
  7. Bacca

    My New (Some Old) Pearls

    Hello, everyone, I've been reading, enjoying and appreciating all the information in this forum for a while. I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I'm not a collector, just someone who, over the years, has bought a few pieces I love. What I tend to love is vintage fine jewelry of all...