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Search results

  1. Ash

    Birthday Pearls

    Mama's Birthday was this week. Her dementia was in force until I showed her the "birthday tiara". She has such a reverence and love of pearls. Her Hospice team and the activities coordinator really wanted to make it special. They love her where she is. The aides and techs during shift change...
  2. Ash

    So I made a thing....

    So I made a thing. Been way to long since I really played with pearls and strung anything. Pretty happy with how this turned out. Freshwaters given to me by mama 25 years ago and Pink sapphire bead grade quality drop shaped beads. A clearance sale, "whim" purchase. Pretty happy with how this...
  3. Ash

    New Book: Sea of Pearls

    New Book Out in October ... Sea of Pearls, Seven Thousand Years of the Industry That Shaped the Gulf. By Robert A. Carter http://www.oxbowbooks.com/bookinfo.cfm/ID/160629 Cheers Ash
  4. Ash

    Books online for Download

    Hi Everyone, The initial link to this site came from another list. Not sure if anyone has seen this or not Entire Books out of Copyright online for download in various formats. Looked for pearls here are the results. http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=Pearls Enjoy! Cheers Ash
  5. Ash

    Home remedy for Bleaching pearls?

    Originally Posted under the "Sunday" thread originally but moved it here maybe someone will have an Idea Thought this was coverd this but I am not finding anything at 2:30 am so Ihope noone minds a new thread. I just hope I make sense. This may be a longshot but I wanted to sk teh best...