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Search results

  1. Happy Huku

    Akoya studs

    There are often questions about drill holes and the difference a millimetre or two make to the size of a pearl so I thought I'd post a few photos of my akoya studs as an example... A few years ago a dear friend gave me these earrings for my birthday. They belonged to his wife, they measure 6.8mm...
  2. Happy Huku

    Look what I found in an antiques/collectables shop!!

    I've been after some pearls/gemstone beads for a long overdue project for some time and found these in an antiques/collectables shop. Just thought I'd share the conversation I had with the shopkeeper with you all... Label said '1940's 50's seed pearls. AU$55' I said (very politely) "So how...
  3. Happy Huku

    Your first pearls - when and how?

    This is a thread I have been wanting to start for a while - I'd love to hear about people's first pearl dream/purchase/gift/love... What set you off down the path of pearlitis? Lots of photos please! My first pearls were a 16"-18" graduated strand (about 3mm to 6mm) with a silver and paste...
  4. Happy Huku

    Comments on My Recent Purchase?

    I bought these pearls a few months ago, was very happy with my purchase and really enjoy wearing them. However, I never liked the clasp, always planned to change it but the one I have in mind is rather special and I don't know if these pearls are of good enough quality for the clasp?! I bought...
  5. Happy Huku

    What do I have here?

    I'm a newbie to posting threads so hope this works! Have also discovered how hard it is to take decent photos of pearls! These were bought in Cape Town, South Africa in 1989 and the clasp made for them. At the time I was thrilled with the colour and never really asked much about them, or, if I...