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Search results

  1. Alex

    Natural Color, Deep Gold, High Luster, South Sea Pearls from Pearl Paradise

    There is a bit of a story to these pearls… I first asked Jeremy if he could source a pair, back in January 2012. The first ‘nearly pair’ appeared fairly quickly after that, but they were not quite ‘deep’ enough. Another pair appeared, but still not quite right – then Jeremy took the search out...
  2. Alex

    Unusual Necklace

    I quite like this - it's kind of unusual as the colours are not uiniform and the pearls at the front are quite large it sold at Bonhams in April for GBP 36K - I wonder if that was a bargain - well, maybe a bargain in that world, if you know what I mean.... pearls are 4.2mm-8.5mm, single-cut...
  3. Alex

    Pearls for the Working Day

    well, I suppose not just any working day...... Christine Lagarde at the G20 in Los Cabos on June 19 Photo Reuters
  4. Alex

    Freshadama Set from PP

    the sun was shining, so thought I'd take a few picis..... these were bought in 2009 for BV as a ?just because??? present there are 45 + 17 + 2 + 2 pearls in the set = 66 the necklace and bracelet are both 9.0 ? 9.5 mm, the studs are 9.5 ? 10.0 mm, and the leverbacks are 10.00 ? 10.5 mm oh...
  5. Alex

    Hanadama Akoya Necklace and Earrings

    These are the pearls that probably started the whole ?pearl thing? off they were bought many moons ago as a Christmas present for BV I think they are still kind of the senior pearls in the pearl drawer, as they are definitely the oldest and are very shiny !! There has been a bit of pushing...
  6. Alex

    Exotic Metallic Freshwater Earrings

    These were mentioned on a recent PG thread and reminded me?.. they were also bought from Jeremy in the summer of 2009 they started as a ?private PP sale? (limited access prior to the public sale) it was kind of fun, as the pearls on the page were all ?one of a kind??, e.g. they were all made...
  7. Alex

    Kamoka Intense Peacock Earrings

    this is kind of an ?prequel? thread, as these are the pearls from Josh that set the scene for the creation of the Tahitian Dark Peacock set they were bought from Jeremy in the summer of 2009, as an anniversary present for BV they are 10.4 mm she absolutely loved them (still does), and they...
  8. Alex

    sea of cortez and diamonds

    earrings anyone ? quite stunning ! :cool:
  9. Alex

    Tahitian Dark Peacock (Gem) Set from Pearl Paradise

    this is kind of an ‘anniversary’ thread, as these pearls were a Christmas present for my wife back in 2009, and just made it via FedEx – there was lots of snow that year….. there is a very long story to these pearls – a bit too long for P-G, but they were put together personally by Jeremy over...
  10. Alex

    Tahitian Light Peacock and Diamonds

    This is actually Chapter 3 (final chapter !) of the earlier Sea of Cortez and Tahitian Peacock Pears threads...... my wife had a pair of her Grandmother's antique white-gold and diamond earrings that were set with Akoyas that had not fared very well over time, and we thought we would try to...
  11. Alex

    Tahitian Peacock Pears

    This is really Chapter 2 of the earlier Sea of Cortez Earrings thread There were a few problems along the way with the SoC, and I wanted a 'Plan B' in case they didn't come off, so I thought of asking Jeremy and Mia to put together a Tahitian pair - that looked like 'Pears' By the way, does...
  12. Alex

    Sea of Cortez Earrings

    Bought these recently as an Anniversary present They were quite difficult to photograph, as they are very senstive to light and background - but here is my first attempt....