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    My first strand: multi-color freshwater pearls

    Thank you to everyone who helped answer questions for me. These are not as dark and vibrant as the metallic freshwaters, but I think they are beautiful. They are a great first strand for me, and I have been enjoying wearing them in this lovely spring weather. I opted for smaller pearls...
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    Pearl Storage

    I was wondering if anyone here stores their pearls in a way where you can view and appreciate their beauty? I know a box, away from light is best, but wondered if anyone had other ideas?
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    Everyday Pearl Ring- tough

    I am looking to get an everyday pearl ring that is going to take lots of "abuse". I am currently a CNA/nursing student, so I use lots of hand sanitizer, soap, etc.. I realize this ring will probably have to be replaced over time, but I really just want something that I can look down at every...
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    Kasumi Pearl Book

    Is there a good book you would recommend on the history of Kasumi Pearls? I do plan on buying Elizabeth Strack's, Pearls, does anyone know if there is information in there?