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Search results

  1. BWeaves

    Man in pearls. Bollywood megastars marry.

    I hope this link works. Bollywood mega-stars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor wed in intimate Mumbai ceremony https://www.cnn.com/style/article/alia-bhatt-ranbir-kapoor-wedding-intl-scli/index.html In case the link didn't work, here's a photo.
  2. BWeaves

    Black Friday 2021

    Well, what did you buy on Black Friday 2021? I've been eyeing this Kojima pendant for a long time. I couldn't resist 25% off for Black Friday. I hope I like it in person. https://kojimapearl.com/products/delicious-plum-chinese-freshwater-drop-pearl-pendant
  3. BWeaves

    Queen Maxima's State Visit to Germany

    Queen Maxima of the Netherlands wore some gorgeous pearl earrings during her visit to Germany this week. I love these peridot and freshwater pearl earrings. I wonder if they could be worn upside down, like climbers. And I also love these Gold and White South Sea drop earrings.
  4. BWeaves

    Amanda Gorman's pearl tiara at the Super Bowl.

    I know they were probably faux pearls, but I loved Amanda Gorman's pearl tiara at the Super Bowl. I know everyone else is talking about her coat, but I couldn't take my eyes off her head. She's so beautiful.
  5. BWeaves

    I want Kamala Harris' pearls

    I want Kamala Harris' pearls. No politics. I just like the pearls.
  6. BWeaves

    Leuchtenberg double-strand pearl necklace

    On the Lilibet's Handbag blog, one of the members went to the Chaumet En Majeste Exposition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and saw the Leuchtenberg double-strand pearl necklace up close. It's breathtaking. Photos...
  7. BWeaves

    Marie Antoinette pearl sells for $36 million

    Marie Antoinette's massive natural drop pearl sells for $36 million https://www.cbsnews.com/news/pearl-pendant-marie-antoinette-record-sothebys-auction-today-2018-11-14/
  8. BWeaves

    Pearl Harbor Day

    Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Does anyone know where it got it's name. Not the day, the harbor. I was only able to find this little bit of info on my Google search: Called Pu'uloa, meaning "long hill," or Wai Momi, literally, "water of pearl," by early Hawaiians, Pearl Harbor, so named...
  9. BWeaves

    Where do teardrops come from?

    I'm not sure I've ever seen this addressed here. How are teardrop shaped pearls cultured? I know the baroque ones are probably grown when a round nucleus doesn't get covered evenly, and ends up pointier on one end. But how are the perfectly shaped teardrop pearls cultured? Do they implant a...
  10. BWeaves

    Ode à ma Mère

    My sister and brother and I went through my late Mom's jewelry last night and divided it up. My mother made us all sit down with her 2 years ago and pick out what we wanted, so there would be no hard feelings later when the time came. We rarely referred to that list. When we did, we saw...
  11. BWeaves


    Ok, so I've been lusting after some of the gorgeous stud earrings you all have posted, especially the ones from Kamoka. I'm trying to narrow down what I really like. I know my earlobes have a weight limit, so I'm thinking around 8.5 to 9.5 mm for a stud. What do you think of these? PETITE...
  12. BWeaves

    Mikimoto should know better.

    I was just on the Mikimoto website, for some pearl eye candy, and I clicked on the first video listed: "Explore the original." So what comes up on the YouTube video? "When an oyster encounters a piece of grit inside its shell, it builds layer upon layer of luster. In time, that grit has...
  13. BWeaves

    Pearl buttons

    Soooo, I had to rummage through my button box this weekend to find a button for a special project, and I happened upon my grandmother's pearl buttons that were bought for a blouse that was never made. Apparently I have quite a hoard of pearl buttons. Most of the extra buttons are from silk...
  14. BWeaves

    Pick a thread, any thread.

    I'm stringing my new pistachio akoyas today from PP at Ruckus. I had ordered mint and aqua Beader's Secret from Pattye, because I wasn't sure which color would look best with them. I think the mint Beader's Secret looks best with them. But since I ordered the aqua, too, I'm thinking about...
  15. BWeaves

    My Apres RUCKUS diamond tiara

    As promised, I visited Lang Antiques in San Francisco after RUCKUS and tried on their diamond tiara: Cynthia at Lang was very sweet to me and let me try on, handle and photograph items. Greg thought I wanted to go to a "junk shop" when I mentioned Lang Antiques. He had no idea what he was...
  16. BWeaves

    I need clasp recommendations.

    I'm going to inherit my Mom's Mikimoto necklace someday. My sister is a slob and doesn't take very good care of her jewelry, but I know she likes the necklace, too. I thought it would be nice to replicate the necklace, only with more inexpensive gems, so my sister can have her own version...
  17. BWeaves

    Let's all chip in!

    If we all chipped in, we could own this necklace like a timeshare and each wear it for a week or two at a time. What do you think? http://www.langantiques.com/what-s-new/1920s-natural-pearl-platinum-and-diamond-necklace.html
  18. BWeaves

    Stringing on tripled thread, advice needed.

    I'll have photos up later, but I need to pick your brains. Background: My coin pearls originally were an endless strand, which broke shortly after I bought them because the thread was too thin and the knot was not secure. I restrung them myself with a disco ball clasp. As much as I love a...
  19. BWeaves

    Little, itty bitty pearls

    So far, I've either panicked or not been quick enough to buy the big, honking pearls. You ladies look lovely in your SS chokers and Edison chokers, and ripples. I've never been a fan of big pearls in the past, but you all have changed my mind. The thing is, I very drawn to lots of strands...
  20. BWeaves

    Big Honking Pearls

    OK, who bought the really big freshwater pearls that PP just posted for sale? Please post neck shots. I need to live vicariously, since my pearl budget is nil right now. I have to save up for my plane ticket to Ruckus.