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Search results

  1. BeadersSecret

    Tin Cup Necklace History

    Most of us have heard of the “tin cup necklace”. But did you know that it was designed by a jewellery designer named Wendy Brigode? This was the first time that skin tone coloured cord silk, instead of chain or wire, was used to give the Invisible, or floating look. By rights, it should be...
  2. BeadersSecret

    Fred the Spider

    As from tomorrow here in Victoria it becomes compulsory to wear face masks outside the home. So “Fred the Spider” is being put to good use.
  3. BeadersSecret

    Broken Bay Pearls on TV

    A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Broken Bay Pearls in NSW Australia where they farm Akoya Pearls, and produce some truly amazing pearls straight out of the oyster. Today I was reminded of that visit and it brought back some fantastic memories from that day by a ten minute segment...
  4. BeadersSecret

    Scientific first used to confirm Age of Ana Maria Pearl

    Pearls, Emeralds, History and now a scientific first - this one has it all :) The Swiss Gemmological Institute have used radiocarbon dating in what is a world first, to confirm the age of an important historical pearl, the "Ana Maria Pearl". Gemmologists carefully took a very tiny sample from...
  5. BeadersSecret

    Pearl Nacre - More than just beauty

    A very interesting article on replicating Pearl Nacre, with some interesting intended uses, aircraft, medical and even outer space. https://phys.org/news/2019-04-artificial-mother-of-pearl-bacteria.html
  6. BeadersSecret

    Pesky toggles

    In another thread Lady_Disdain mentioned a locking toggle which sounds fabulous. Another suggestion if you can’t source one is to put a bar on the ring suggested to a friend and she has had no trouble since it was adjusted.
  7. BeadersSecret

    Ignorance is not Bliss

    Whilst on a recent holiday I spied this in a shop and was shocked to see the labeling and price on these cream freshwater potato pearls.
  8. BeadersSecret

    Gluing and Fittings

    There are a few threads on the merits of different glues, epoxy - super glue etc. I thought I would throw into the mix the importance of the fitting used. The fitting plays a big part, if the post is too short this will shorten the life span of the piece of jewellery. 1) The Post should be at...
  9. BeadersSecret

    Pearls at Basel Fair

    Hello everyone, its been a while since i've been in here. I thought you might like to see some of the eye candy that has been shown at this years Basel fair in Switzerland. (I wasnt there but hubby was my eyes and ears - he feeds my habit :D )
  10. BeadersSecret

    Here's Fred!

    For those of you who have inquired about my new avatar:D He is made in 18ct yellow gold, Aussie Sapphire eyes, the pearl is a south sea keshi pearl. My son named him Fred when he was seven and he just turned twenty one last Friday. he looks pretty good on black.
  11. BeadersSecret

    Micro-Garnet & Akoya Pearl

    I referred to this necklace in the powerpro thread (no pun intended). Its multi-functional - the knots "are" rather robust for the rather small size garnets as the design functions as a neck wrap (three rows) - in wrap mode I sometimes add a Tahitian on an enhancer - a Bracelet (6 rows) and as...
  12. BeadersSecret

    Is this a record?

    Well it is for me . . . Special order for a client - through a shop - 7 strands of dyed agate - fully knotted into one continuous strand (no clasp) for a final length of 3 metres or approx 9feet 9 inches. Phew - I am glad this one is finished. Regards Bernadette