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Search results

  1. Andrew M

    The Most Incredible Akoya Pearls I Have Ever Seen

    Hi Pearl Guide friends... So, I'm partaking in a very cool photo project that involves pearls. :D I unfortunately don't think I'll be able to share final photos for some time due to a contractual obligation, but I am more than allowed to share the truly special Akoya pearls that will be used...
  2. Andrew M

    Andrew's Photography & Pearls

    Hi all! I thought this would be a fun thread. As I get the privilege to photograph jewelry, I also thought it would be cool to include some shots that I/my students have done. I help to teach a photography class at our local community college, so we always have models and portraiture going on...
  3. Andrew M

    Mikimoto Grade Comparison -- Take a guess!

    Hi Pearl Guide friends. :) I hope this special image that I have here will be of use to some folks here -- Here, in this photo originally from Mikimoto, I have 4 strands of 7.5mm-8mm Akoya pearls from Mikimoto, side-by-side in the four offered grades: A, A+, AA, AAA. Since I was genuinely...
  4. Andrew M

    "The KJM Collection" - Andrew's Mom's Pearls

    Hi all! :D Pearl guide has been so welcoming, and I've already been adopted by 3 people here, I think. :) I thought this might be a fun thread to make, post to, and keep track of my mother's pearls and pearl jewelry! Everyone has been so helpful in suggesting, commenting on, and relaying...
  5. Andrew M

    Mother's pearl strand

    Hi all. Thought it would be good just to clarify. :) My mother has a strand of pearls that she received from her mother, my grandmother. They weren't anything terribly expensive, and I believe she got them on sale, but they seem quite pretty and fairly nice all the same. They are pretty round...
  6. Andrew M

    Join the "Gift for Mom" Discussion - Tahitian version.

    Hi all. It's bad news for my wallet, being here. :D For those who aren't following in the Akoya section, have been scoping out ahead of time some birthday/Christmas shopping for Mom. I think Dad will be pitching in on something Tahitian, and I've got the other things. But, we need your help...
  7. Andrew M

    Looking for a gift for my mom

    Hi everyone, I'm Andrew, and glad to be a new member here. I found Pearl-Guide after some searching, and clearly see that it is the best place for all things pearls. Christmas and my mother's birthday are fast approaching, and of course Mother's Day soon after. I would like to get my mom...