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  1. pearlescence

    Purple fade

    Some years ago we had a long discussion on fading in purple bead nuked pearls. As you may have spotted, the GIA investigated some Edison pearls (given by the company) and it turned out that some of that batch were dyed and some weren't. Which was a bit confusing but explained the spotty and...
  2. pearlescence

    Two pearl 'finds'

    Passing this on as the two pieces are lovely. https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/antiques-roadshow-guest-learns-real-23541604
  3. pearlescence

    Pinctada mazatlanica?

    I was channel-hopping last night and ended up on our UK tv jewellery shopping channel, just as the presenter started to get very excited about some new pearls which are about to replace Tahitian pearls. There were maps, there were photos: there was my jaw dropping. 'what new species of oyster/'...
  4. pearlescence


    Who can identify these pearls, and the ageless beauty wearing them?
  5. pearlescence

    Just in time for Christmas?

    What do we think of these...
  6. pearlescence

    Whitening of pearls

    The latest issue of the GIA info magazine has a piece on whitening and brightening of pearls.
  7. pearlescence

    Seerious Bling

    If you want to see some serious bling...HM Queen held a state banquet for visiting Dutch royal family (Hi Cees!) Quoting from the daily mirror Kate Middleton thrilled royal fans by wearing Princess Diana's tiara at a State Banquet at Buckingham Palce. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a kingfisher...
  8. pearlescence

    Pearl harvest in Indonesia

    Some of you may already know that Betty Sue King and I were recently fortunate to be invited to help with the harvest of south sea pearls on a pearl farm in Indonesia. I have just finished the long blog entry with many photos. it is here It was an incredible experience. Hard work but truly...
  9. pearlescence

    What kind of finding do I have?

    Can someone please remind me what this earring finding is called - senior moment strikes! thanks
  10. pearlescence

    Oh Dear

    This is the latest promotional photo from a London based pearl seller. Does everyone else agree that it is about 50 years out of date and indescribably naff and sexist? Normally I am a great believer in dog not biting dog but this is just....bad
  11. pearlescence


    I'm double double checking here - freshwater?
  12. pearlescence

    91 today

    A pearliciously happy birthday to wonderful head of state, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Pearl wearer extraordinaire all her life. 91 today
  13. pearlescence


    I got this pearl last HK because of the good shape, good colour and great lustre, but the photo brings out the weird nacre surface. It looks like it has been crackle glazed. never seen this before it's freshwater. The crackles aren't visible to the naked eye.
  14. pearlescence

    pearl sac tissue

    I've been wondering this for a time... Pearl sacs are generated from a tissue graft taken from the cells of a donor mollusc. The tissue is usually from the leading edge of cells making shell. So donors with nice shell colour and lustre are selected..(yes?) Therefore there is no continuity...
  15. pearlescence

    Poke Pearls

    I've been trudging the streets playing pokemon on my mobile. At the Hong Kong Show I was struck by some pearls (not literally) and how they looked a bit like pokemon. So I got them and have just got around to setting them...so ,,,here are the poke pearls They are tahitian and blue south sea...
  16. pearlescence

    Hong Kong -sept

    It's Hong Kong time again. I'm booked and making the lists. Who else is going?
  17. pearlescence

    Showing you their pearls

    Some serious pearl action going on at Buckingham Palace a few moments ago. Over here we now have a long standing Head of State and a new Head of Government who are both committed and regular pearl wearers. Result
  18. pearlescence

    Nacre depth requirement scrapped from January

    Big changes to legal regime for Tahitians - http://www.tahiti-infos.com/Changement-complet-pour-la-filiere-perlicole_a149410.html. Compulsory x rays scrapped along with minimum nacre depth requirement This will open up the soufflé Tahitian potential.
  19. pearlescence

    kaori pearls?

    Has anyone heard of Kaori cultured pearls?
  20. pearlescence

    Hong Kong 2016

    Hi all. I'm here and finding some fabulous pearls. First were 9mm round white metallics (please excuse pic quality...done with phone camera...no studio no photoshop) Second natural colours.7mm gorgeoys colours and,again super metallic. Bag of about 3k pearls and this pic taken about half way...