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Search results

  1. Incik Boncuk

    PP Vault Sale Loot

    Happy mail today! I jumped on this strand when I saw it in the sale the other day. Listed as 8.4 - 11.6mm mixed drop baroque South Sea pearl necklace. I believe this may be one of the strands featured in PP's Instagram stories yesterday too. I took a photo in two different lightings to show...
  2. Incik Boncuk

    Stuff I Made

    I woke up this morning and felt like I needed to make a new pair of earrings. Because I only have eleventy million pairs already. :D These are FWP drops I bought for the purpose of remaking - they were just the pearl on the hook. I dug out some ombre tourmaline beads I had and made them into...
  3. Incik Boncuk

    Endless SSP+T

    I spent a very nice hour today knotting an ombre strand of baroque SSP+T into a 35"-ish endless rope. I have done knotting in the past with silk. After reading so much about it, I ordered Beader's Secret from Pattye the other day. FOUR minutes later, I got a shipping notification, and two...
  4. Incik Boncuk

    Some of my pearls . . .

    Here is something a little interesting. This is a handmade ring from the southeast of Turkey, my husband's home town. My mother-in-law gave me this ring along with a matching bracelet and earrings many years ago. It seems to me (as an outsider looking in) that Turkish women love pearls, but...
  5. Incik Boncuk

    Curious about my aunt's ring

    I'd love to know what you experts out there think of these pearls. I ask merely out of curiousity - I'm not at all interested in the value because this is not my ring and in all likelihood, never will be. (That is my hand in the photo though.) I'm just trying to learn to recognize different...