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    Harvest strand placement opinion needed

    Using an old strand I no longer wear and new pearls bought for this, I am making my own harvest strand. While waitingnon my thread, I temp strung it no knots to check placement and while fixing an error made another that may have me changing the design. I need an opinion on placement. Plan A...
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    Georgian paste & pearl pendant

    Bought this a couple years ago from a UK seller. Given my recent pearl buying problem with the UK it made me grateful this arrived. It’s a favorite of mine. All silver with clear pastes, the seller said the pearl was natural. It is grayish and has pink and purple flashes in the sun. Tried to...
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    My Pearl-a-palooza

    I became a little natural pearl obsessed and racked up the purchases. My first strand, if you saw my post in the natural thread, was deemed restricted by the shipper eBay uses for international buys and isn’t coming. My second natural buy arrived from New Zealand today at the work. The rest are...
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    Natural pearls restricted? Ebay cancelled my shipment.

    I won a lovely 14” natural strand, missing clasp, on ebay from a UK seller. They were lovely 2-6mm with pink shine to them in the two poorly light pics. For $137 I figured I couldn’t miss. Seller used the global shipping system so it took a week for me to get shipping confirmation...two...
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    Baroque Goldens my first stringing

    I recently bought lovely baroque Golden SS pearls and tried my hand at knotting . I was very happy with the result! Pearls have rose and green overtones. Clasp is magnetic Loose strand Strung and up close of clasp Modeling
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    Mississippi river pearls?

    Hi everyone, A friend who knows I have been on the hunt for Mississippi River pearls sent me some pics of a strand we think might be some. I can tell they are dirty, but do they look like river pearls or are they imposters masquerading as something old? Thank you
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    Pearl Paradise keshi strands

    haven't posted in a LONG time, but I was curious if anyone got a PP tahitian keshi strand and what the color was? Is there a color choice if you contact them or all they all about the same? Thanks.
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    P. Paradise special

    Has anyone checked out P. Paradise's monthly special for December? I think I see one of the dark ones in my future. They also have some larger baroque strands available too.
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    Natural pearl sunburst brooch

    I wanted to share my latest antique jewelry purchase. The photo is the one from the Fay Cullen website, because the brooch/pendant is still enroute to me, but I'm excited. It's 18Kt gold with a .08 diamond at the center and 54 natural pearls 1-2mm in size. It reminds me of the Tiffany lace...
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    antique natrual strand listed

    I have bought one antique diamond piece from this website and was fairly happy with it, so I tend to window shop there often. They start out overpriced, IMO, but do discount the longer a piece goes unsold. I noticed they've had this natural strand with a very pretty claps for sale for several...
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    Attack of the baroques

    Has anyone else noticed all the baroque pearls invading TV lately? Last night (Monday) Katie Couric had on what appeared to be a baroque multi SS strand and Bree on Desperate Housewives had on a double strand of small baroques Sunday night.
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    Cameo wearing pearls

    This isn't a pearl piece but a few months ago I bought this late 1920s cameo and she is wearing pearls! It shows how important they were at that time with the flappers.
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    Pearl garland necklace

    I wanted to share a description of a necklace I saw at a local jeweler while having work done on some rings. I couldn't get a pic because they wouldn't allow it. It featured what I'd gauge to be 9-10mm round white pearls strung with about 2 inches pale pink, pale blue and pale green...
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    Anne Boleyn/Ugly Betty necklace

    ABC's "Ugly" Betty Suarez wears a B necklace strung on a faux pearl strand with faux pearls hanging off the B that is a copy of a necklace the ill-fated Anne Boleyn wore. I found the site that sold the necklace to the show (which is how I know they are faux pearls and the offer all initials...
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    Freshwater solataires

    I've seen SS pearls on omegas where you can wear a solataire pearl or add/change pearls. I would love to see this done with large, perhaps freshadama or untreated, freshwaters. Imagine wearing one naturally eggplant pearl at the hollow of your throat.
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    purple rounds

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get a round (or near round) strand of freshwaters in purple instead of lavender? Some of Pearl Paradise's multi-colored near round strands of freshwaters appear in the pix tohave pearls in them that are more purple then lavendar and some of the baroque...
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    Antique natural strand

    I've done antique jewelry for awhile and came across a strand of antique pearls circa 1910. The seller lists them as A quality with some surface blemishes, 2.5mm-6.5mm, cream to silver in color and baroque to off-round in shape. Overtones are aubergine, pink and green. Clasp is sliver over...