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Search results

  1. Heidi

    Natural pearls at Kojima Pearl 1-14-10

    To all the natural pearl aficionados, there are some lovely new necklaces just up on Sarah's site. Get thee hence! LINK
  2. Heidi

    Silver, white sapphires and pearls

    From Elyria Sterling Jewelry, some nice clean designs using baroque FW pearls. This photo is their Queen's Ring. Main website here: LINK
  3. Heidi

    Laurie Kaiser designs

    I just saw this designer's work on the Katy Beh website. Very pretty botanical references in yellow gold designs. LINK to a pair of SS earrings.
  4. Heidi

    Supplies - Sale 10-06-09

    Rainbow Island Pearls on eBay is having a 20% off sale to encourage holiday productivity. LINK :) Caitlin - If this should go under the supplies sticky, will you move the post and accept my apologies?!
  5. Heidi

    Lapidary Journal Jewelry Arts Awards 2009

    Pearls, colors, argentium and more! Photo shows: Naomi Sarna- Best of Competition (also First Place, Pins/Brooches) FIRST WAVE 32mm x 23mm. 18K gold, Chinese freshwater pearl, VS diamonds, Montana sapphires, Contra-luz opals, Imperial topaz. Handmade lost-wax gold setting surrounding pegged...
  6. Heidi

    Help with a project - supplies search

    Hey Everyone, I just spent a long afternoon driving my husband back from the Hood to Coast Relay finish line: LINK. (His team finished - impressive!!) This means I had a lot of time to think. When I think, I design and today I fixated on a beading project-to-be. I'm posting here to mine the...
  7. Heidi

    Question about pearl grade and bracelets vs. necklaces

    Hello All - This may not be the right place for this question, I hope Caitlin will move as necessary. My question is a general jewelery design one: Do you typically use a higher grade/quality of pearls for bracelets and rings than for necklaces or stud earrings? I have been told by a couple...
  8. Heidi

    Another online auction - (not on pearls) my experience with borderline value

    Hello Everyone - I recently purchased an antique ring from a seller on rubylane.com . Overall I am satisfied with the value to dollars paid relationship for what I purchased but I have something to share about the experience which may be of value. If I had paid any more I would have demanded a...
  9. Heidi

    Designer using pearls and colored gem combinations

    Hello All - I just spotted Gabriella Sanchez's work on Katy Beh's website here. There are some nice color combinations in her work and what look to be an orient-y pair of baroque FW pearls on some hoop earrings. ! *Edit: On the same site, Stacy Krantz also has some nice pearls and silver...
  10. Heidi

    Jewelery and Metal Arts Show - in Portland OR April 25-27, 2008

    Hello Everyone! There is a jewelery show coming up in Portland and pattye and I have been talking about coordinating a meeting among local/regional PG forum members. It's the annual show of the Creative Metals Arts Guild, more info here. So, who else is in the Pacific NW and might want to come...
  11. Heidi

    My tiny but growing collection...

    Kasumi earrings from DruzyDesign; photos used with Carolyn's permission. I love these. The pearls measure 13.2x14.5mm and 13.5x14.5mm and look just awesome dangling from the sunburst wires. They really are breathtaking!!