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Search results

  1. jshepherd

    Another pearl scam - Fuersm.com

    This is pretty annoying - a fake pearl seller copied photos from Josh and Celeste (Kamoka) and put their story on this new website that is selling fake pearls. They are advertising on Instagram with a video showing the nucleation of Tahitian pearl oysters with a bunch of sustainability claims...
  2. jshepherd

    There has never been a queen who didn't wear pearls ...

    Considered daytime accessories ... https://www.mentalfloss.com/posts/why-queen-elizabeth-always-wears-pearls
  3. jshepherd

    Pearl Earbuds - yay or nay?

    This is definitely a new take on jewelry - Bluetooth pearls!
  4. jshepherd

    Tahitian Ombre - Kamoka

    This is a pretty awesome strand featured in the Kamoka newsletter today! ​
  5. jshepherd

    Kobe Pearl Auction Goes Virtual - March 2022

    Hisano and I had a fun experience this weekend participating in an auction virtually. I shot a short video while we were wrapping up. During the appointment with an auction concierge, we were able to view lots under a macro-lens and different lights. We did decide to give it a try and bid for...
  6. jshepherd

    Melanie Georgacopoulos and Tasaki

    Melanie Georgacopoulos always does amazing things with Tasaki! This ring is really something. https://www.wallpaper.com/watches-and-jewellery/melanie-georgacopoulos-tasaki-pearls
  7. jshepherd

    Cherrystone Perhaps? Couple finds a pearl during dinner at The Lobster House

    It's always fun when you hear about this. It's never happened to me :dunno::dunno::dunno: N.J. Couple Finds Pearl That May Be Worth Thousands While Having Usual Clam Appetizer
  8. jshepherd

    Akoya Pearls for Men trending in Japan ...?

    This is an interesting article that sort of follows the trend we've been seeing since Joc Pederson wore them playing baseball. I love the concept using natural-color baroques! Japan pearl prices surge as men too don the precious beads
  9. jshepherd

    Jewelry Industry Needs To Catch Up To The Growing Consumer Demand For Pearls

    Great article about the current pearl trend out in Forbes - link!
  10. jshepherd

    South Sea vs Akoya size comparison - fun photo :)

    Someone wanted to compare an 8 mm strand with a 16 mm so I took this iPhone shot today. This saves time explaining why double the size in millimeters is bit more than double the mass of the pearls :rolleyes:
  11. jshepherd

    July 28th: Jeremy Shepherd and Rui Galopim de Carvalho Discuss Freshwater Pearls

    In the 26th Home Gemmology webinar supported by CIBJO - The World Jewellery Confederation and co-hosted by Edward Johnson, the last session before summer break, we will continue our session on cultured pearls that only covered saltwater production; now, with the help of pearl expert, educator...
  12. jshepherd

    Lab-Grown Diamond Industry and the Term Cultured

    The FTC recently amended its regulations allowing lab-grown diamonds to be described as 'Cultured.' This is a critical issue facing the pearl and jewelry industry at large. Jeremy Shepherd addresses it in this webinar with the Women's Jewelry Association. Cultured Diamonds Vs. Cultured Pearls
  13. jshepherd

    Anyone up for a Trip to Sea of Cortez Pearls?

    I just got this email from GIA. it you're an alum, this is a trip I recommend! Years ago, Caitlin and Blaire joined Hisano and I for a few days at the farm in Guaymas. It was one of the best farm trips we've ever taken. Hisano and I will be in the Galapagos Islands this week so won't be able to...
  14. jshepherd

    Ruckus 2019

    Hisano and I spent a bit of time discussing the ruckus this year and have decided that we are taking this year off. We are not going to host a ruckus this summer. The ruckus happens every year the weekend before our anniversary, so we've decided to spend some time traveling over the summer...
  15. jshepherd

    Tiny Tahitian Pearls are Starting to Get Big!

    I love Tahitian pearls. I love their colors. I love their shapes. I love the beauty of the environment where they're grown. They just make me happy. I know ... all special pearls make me happy, but there is an extra-special allure with Tahitian pearls. It's better experienced than explained. I...
  16. jshepherd

    The Winners! The 9th Annual International Pearl Design Competition

    New York, NY – Nov. 2018 The Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) has announced the U.S. winners of its 9th Annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC). On Tuesday, Oct. 30, judges Tara Silberberg of The Clay Pot in Brooklyn and New York City, Editor and Brand Consultant Cheryl...
  17. jshepherd

    Hisano's special gold South Sea keshi pearls from the Philippines

    Some of you will probably recognize this strand of pearls. It's the special strand of gold keshi Jacques brought to the Ruckus last month. Several people wanted to purchase it from him, but it was already spoken for :cool: Our anniversary is always a couple days after ruckus, so this was...
  18. jshepherd

    Dinner in Hong Kong on Thursday night?

    Hisano and I will be hosting dinner in Hong Kong, 7:30 pm on Thursday evening after the show. Can you let me know if you're going to make it so we can reserve a large enough table! https://www.miradining.com/tsui-hang-village-tsimshatsui/
  19. jshepherd

    The Pearl-Guide Ruckus Video is Live :)

    We put together a short video of our cruise at the ruckus this year, and it is Pearl, Pearl, Pearl! Enjoy!
  20. jshepherd

    The 10th Annual Pearl-Guide Ruckus!

    It's that time again! The 10th annual Pearl Guide Ruckus begins Friday, July 27th in Marina del Rey, California. Not only is this the 10th annual ruckus, but it is the biggest one we have ever had - by a factor of two! We are so excited to welcome Pearl-Guide members from around the world for...