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    Hanadama pearls from Pearl

    Oh my! Those are fabulous! The goldens are just scrumptious. Did you happen to hear a launch date? I have a pair of golden akoya earrings that would love some buddies!:D
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    What color would you call that delicious green one in the center? ETA: How do you quote a picture? It's post 203 on p. 14.
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    Exotic Strands Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those are gorgeous! Your findings are always so pretty! Where do you get them?
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    Exotic Strands Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, I really like the new design of the PP homepage.
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    Tahitian pricing

    Oh, I get it. You're so smart. :) Approximately, how much more expensive do you think round strands will be?
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    Tahitian pricing

    This goes for all strands and not just circle, right? I'm a little confused by the first part of the highlighted sentence.
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    Your AAA multicolor tahitians are gorgeous!!!!! Do you have any neck shots?

    Your AAA multicolor tahitians are gorgeous!!!!! Do you have any neck shots?
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    How do you know? When is the offering? I want some!!!!!!!!
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    FWP and grading?

    I have a few off-round pearls in my AAA PP necklace, and I've seen a couple off-round ones in freshadama necklaces. So, I think it's ok if there are a few, but I think most of the necklace should be round.
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    Does Anyone Here Own a AA Quality Tahitian Necklace?

    What do you think about the luster/blemishing? Are they noticeably worse than AA+ or AAA quality in your opinion? I own a AA+ and a AAA strand and love them. I'm interested in getting another Tahitian necklace, and I'm wondering if I should just pay extra for a AA+/AAA strand. Thanks!
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    Korean MOP

    It's amazing how extravagant it can get. I've seen large pieces of furniture (tables, dressers, entertainment centers) with really intricate MOP designs.
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    Korean MOP

    If you're the S. Korean President, Bill Gates will give you a MOP XBox. If you scroll down, there's a picture of the artist working.
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    Pearl Mail

    All your goodies look fabulous! I went a little crazy this month and treated myself to some Tahitians and akoyas. Pleased as punch!
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    Erm... (Runs and Hides) I did try to restrain myself

    Goody! If you include a neck shot, I'll send you chocolate!
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    9.5mm Akoyas from Pearl Outlets Mother's Day Sale

    Ooh, can you post neck shots?
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    9.5mm Akoyas from Pearl Outlets Mother's Day Sale

    It looks like there's one available now. Have you considered getting the 9 mm gem quality freshwaters TPO has on sale or the PP special? They're both smaller but higher quality and relatively comparable in price.
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    Hi Skypearl! Happy we're pearl buddies!

    Hi Skypearl! Happy we're pearl buddies!
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    Screwback Earrings

    Thanks for your thoughts Claudenancy! Please keep me updated on your progress.
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    Fun with Pattye's metallic keishis

    These are really lovely. They remind me of floral arrangements in little bubble bowls and vases. Matching earrings would be so cute!
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    Screwback Earrings

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ... if it's not permanently attached, I could get my mom several different mystery clasp pearls that could be interchangeable. She could have white and gold, white and black, white and white, etc. Endless combinations.