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    I have a cough, cough, diamond, cough question!

    Well they cough up money for ads in trade magazines, but the site is generic. Internet retail is not their forte.
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    I have a cough, cough, diamond, cough question!

    You mean they ripped off someone elses pictures or just using generic stock photos?
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    I have a cough, cough, diamond, cough question!

    If it is really an old ring than you may want to contact and pick their brain. If you want a diamond to match the period you may want to contact If you are looking for "wholesale" be carefull someone does not sell you a dog. Try or...
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    David Beckham and Men's Jewelry

    Now if Mr. Spain 2003 wore them, I would wear them.
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    Man's Bracelet (so I say)

    Very nice pearls and bracelet, but they dont get my man vote, sorry. Not so much the pearls, but bracelets in general. They dangle and get in the way too much.
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    Private Offer List

    It would be cool if you did bra.
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    Private Offer List

    I must of missed that...
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    Private Offer List

    metal mirror balls are my thoughts exactly. Any treatment? Almost look to polished, but hard to tell from a picture.
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    The Debate: Tissue or Bead Nucleation? The Pros and Cons of Each

    For the record, I will pay a premium for CFWP that are tissue only and are large Pear/tear drop shape.
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    Xmas idea 2007

    Grandma just could not resist licking...something had to be done eh.
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    Xmas idea 2007

    Its handy too, if your pet gets an operation and you want it to look posh and not be seen in the plastic cone they wear around their neck, this might work.
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    Tridacna - Giant Clam Shell Pearl

    I think the proper authorities need to be warned about your arrival. To think of the poor giant clams that will lose their innocents to you...
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    Tridacna - Giant Clam Shell Pearl

    Its pretty nasty chunks from the lipo machine...
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    Diamond equivalent of

    Cheap and diamonds...never heard of it. Unless you work for a Sightholder DTC like Stuller and are an employee and get a discount then you can get a real good deal. You should aim for FAIR price and a company that has disclosures like diamond grading reports and all the specs. Try...
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    Oh My Gosh, Josh......

    Very nice.
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    Pearl rings - What's hot, what's not?

    I agree, its just waiting to get knocked, but it sure does display its beauty in a very minimal way, which I always like.
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    Small Tahitians in style?

    I dig those smaller pearls, would make great studs for my wife, she is only 90 something pounds, so they wouldnt look like planets rotating around her head. If they have higher quality and darker color, then you cant go wrong. Go with the contrarian/niche idea Josh. If all you do is follow...
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    Big Black Chinese Freshwater Pearl vs. Black Tahitian Pearls

    I have been buying on ebay for years and never had a problem, but I have never considered buying pearls or gems on ebay or anything from China, south east asia, etc. I have bought a few things from the UK but only a few times and they were cheap items so not much risk. Stay domestic and use...
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    Size of Nucleus

    Its nice to hear from a farmer and his thoughts. I dig the tyrade man. Cheers