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  1. Pearl Markets in Shanghai

    Pearl Markets in Shanghai

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    my first trip to shanghai

    I just found this ad for the Hongqiao Market. Is this the one you will be visiting?
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    my first trip to shanghai

    Maybe helpful, maybe not..... Maybe helpful, maybe not..... I've only been in Shanghai a few weeks but a friend introduced me to Kitty at the the pearl market in Yu Gardens. Kitty is very sweet and gives a good price without much barter. I know Nerdia said Yu Gardens was not so good but...
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    Just moved to Shanghai!

    Hi Inge, I couldn't figure out the link but you can look at my album by clicking on "Members" (in the green bar at the top of the screen below the logo). At the Members Page click on g (for me! gmmiller). My name is on page two towards the bottom. Click on the picture of the...
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    Just moved to Shanghai!

    Wow - I am so glad to have found this forum! I just moved to Shanghai (4 weeks ago) and started looking at Pearls. I have learned so much from this forum already but want to learn more. I have bought from some of the pearl markets - just some inexpensive fun things - and go with my...
  6. 24k gold over .925 silver

    24k gold over .925 silver

  7. pearls 1

    pearls 1

  8. pearls 2

    pearls 2

  9. pearls 3

    pearls 3

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