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    Hong Kong Anyone?

    Douglas, I don't think the position of Hong Kong will change unless political issues start again.
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    Hong Kong Anyone?

    Hong Kong was extremely busy. Registration took more than 1 hour the day before the opening. Never seen so many Chinese customers with big bundles of 100 usd pushing their way through to purchase at prices I never thought of. Many Japanese wholesalers did not show up because of high cost of the...
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    how many pearl farms in Philippines

    I know of 3 pearl producing companies in The Philippines, Jewelmer, Cogent and Surigao Marine Products
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    Looking for round akoya keshi

    you might contact croissy_pearls on Instagram for small natural pearls as round keshi makes it more difficult to find
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    Thailand South Sea Pearl Farming

    CortezPearls, not sure if you understood the situation but no more pearl farming in Thailand but more north in Myanmar in the southern part of Myanmar there are 12 farms operating. Jersey Pearl I know about Myanmar pearls that they are sought after as they are considered premium pearls because...
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    Thailand South Sea Pearl Farming

    Thank you Jeg, I am ding fine too. Just heard from a Myanmar farmer that there was a pearlfarm on the island Phuket but that one stopped producing around 5 years ago but still is a tourist spot to visit. There are 12 pearlfarms in Myanmar still
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    Thailand South Sea Pearl Farming

    Hi Jeg, how are you? There are still auctions of Myanmar pearls by the government, also in Hong Kong by Bel Pearl and my partner here in Bangkok told me that he also can buy pearls from a Myanmar Pearl farmer directly. Rio Pearl in Hong Kong also has a supply of Myanmar. Pearls from Myanmar are...
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    Thailand South Sea Pearl Farming

    Pearl farming in Myanmar is taking place in the Mergui Archipelago in the southern part of the country, more than 800 islands can be found there. Very rarely they find also Melo Melo pearls in this area.
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    Thailand South Sea Pearl Farming

    They wish they still could grow pearls in Phuket Thailand, the waters there are too poluted by tourists and overfishing. Even I worry about the sea water quality in the Mergui Archipelago in the southern part of Myanmar.
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    A new bespoke beauty!

    The pearl in this ring is from the pearlfarm in Pulau Talisei, North Sulawesi, not far from Manado. One Japanese grafter, his name is Hiroshi is able to put a nuclea in the gonad in such a way that extreme beautiful drop shape South Sea are harvested also. The South Sea pearls get bigger and...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I always have a question when someone says these are Edisons. How could you be so sure that these come from Grace Pearls before or Edison Pearls nowadays?
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    WARNING! - Edi Vichien (?) from Agustus Collection - money embezzlement!

    I often read the posts on PG but not post often, but I want this time because this is terrible for Masik. I heard from Sven and Edi from my niece who lived a long time in Bali where they operated from. Sven also has an appartment in Bangkok and years ago I learnt that he was investing in a small...
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    Pearl Farm Security

    Dear Mohammad, I have been to Iran a very long time ago and was impressed by the beauty and friendlyness of the people and also the food. A pearlfarm is not an easy enterprise and profits often are thin. With all sanctions against Iran you might find it difficult also to find a market. You...
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    Pearl blemishes

    Or Margarita is the island in Venezuela where a lot of pearls came from in the past, Wendy?
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    Greenhills, Kultura or Naccara -- where to buy good SSP in Manila?

    Dear Bluenotes, It is nice that you have a big pearl market in Manila. I went there several times and a lot of nonsense is told there that the pearls come from Zamboanga area, knowing that some pearls go there delivered by the Badjoe tribal people who dive near Jolo, Tawi Tawi, etc. But there...
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    Purple pearls

    That strand is a one of a kind.
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    Edison pearl vs the world: undyed, dyed gold, dyed black, dyed metallic?

    Thank you Pattye, sometimes I am wrong also :( Jeg, when I look always at your pearl collection I am very impressed by your choice and designs. I have a bit of a problem with Edison pearls. Accepted that they are grown in the same way as in oysters but in mussels one can say it is an Edison...
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    Edison pearl vs the world: undyed, dyed gold, dyed black, dyed metallic?

    to me they all look like enhanced pearls
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    Writing about blue akoya

    Dear nnguye20, you are right, I was at the farm north o Nha Trang, 45 minutes ride and there are more than 6 million oysters in the water. The Company is Japanese with a sorting location in Bangkok and 100 staff there.
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    Help shopping?

    Rianne, I have bags full of Tahitians, starting from US $ 8 per pearl