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    pearls or what?

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! I cleaned them a little bit and they look better now! I can see now that that the pearls have a slight grey color/overtone and one has some small blemishes. I will keep as they are taking into account the pearls can be old natural ones.
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    pearls or what?

    CortezPearls thank you very much! I thought so but wanted the opinion of someone with more experience. Would you leave them as they are or change them with new, good quality, freshwater seed pearls?
  3. These are made by me.
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    pearls or what?

    These are made by me.
  5. These are the photos from the seller's add.
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    pearls or what?

    These are the photos from the seller's add.
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    pearls or what?

    I have recently bought on-line this pair of old earnings. My question is if you think that this are seed pearls or not. To me they look like very worn out seed pearls, with chalky look and some reminiscent nacre. I did the tooth test and I can say I cannot feel unmistakable texture of pearl nacre.
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    parfaitelumiere natural pearl collection

    The 2-5,3mm pearl sized one is gorgeous ������
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    Solid gold wire

    Does anybody have any sugestions for a supplyer of gold wire? I need it for the pair of keshi earings in the pictures. Do you have any otger ideas or recomandation. I am stuck. Thanks.
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    Natural Pearls from the Gulf of California-Mexico

    Lovely pearls and colors Douglas! The elongated one is spectacular!
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    80' vs contemporany akoya pearls

    Thank you all! :)
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    Blue Akoya Custom Tin Cup, Bracelet and Earrings for Client

    Lovley. My favourite color :o
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    My small pearl rainbow

    Lovely color ... especially the earnings.
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    80' vs contemporany akoya pearls

    This is it... next to my 7-7.5 Hanadamas for color comparison. They are white with slightly silvery green and pink overtones. I find the size very nice.
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    80' vs contemporany akoya pearls

    I decided on the silver japanese one. I will post some photos when it arrives. ;)