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  1. CortezPearls

    SSEF Pearl Prizes!!! Check them out!

    SSEF turns 50 in 2022! Test your knowledge (all the answers can be found on our website) with 10 questions about SSEF and gems and enter the draw to win three fantastic prizes. First prize: ATC Pearl Course (value 1600 Swiss Francs) on 7-8 November 2022, with economy airfare and three nights...
  2. CortezPearls

    Hawaiian Pearl Promoter Richard Fassler Passed Away

    With great sadness I found out that Richard C. Fassler passed away just recently (March 15th, 2022). I met Richard way back in 1994 when he was an instrumental part in making "Pearls '94" possible. He later became a welcomed guest at the pearl farm in Guaymas, Mexico, where he visited back in...
  3. CortezPearls

    Cultured (Beaded) Abalone Pearls from Chile

    Technological Breakthrough in Pearl Culture: Cultured (Beaded) Abalone Pearls from Chile In what appears to be a major technological breakthrough in Pearl Aquaculture, Chilean Scientists from the University of Antofagasta, Chile have been successful in culturing bead nucleated cultured pearls...
  4. CortezPearls

    Tissue Cultured Pearls produced Experimentally in India

    After decades of attempts at tissue culturing pearls, a researcher from India has met with success. Dr Ajai Kumar Sonkar, an independent research scientist from Sangam city in Prayagraj, has been awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award in India this year for his outstanding achievements in the...
  5. CortezPearls

    Pearls by the bay 2022!

    REALLY, REALLY THIS TIME! An intimate day-long event focused on Pearls & Joy About this event MAY 15th 2022 IS THE DAY WE GET TO GLOW TOGETHER AGAIN! We will meet in the open air Junto Room at the Casa Madrona Hotel in Sausalito. We will start with a plated lunch at 1pm. The event will be...
  6. CortezPearls

    Eco-Friendly & Ultra-Luxury Pearls for Bahrain

    An interesting article was recently published in CNN, with the title of Eco-friendly and ultra-luxury: How Bahrain hopes to revive its natural pearl industry. The article explains that the island nation of Bahrain (part of the Saudi Emirates) intends on reviving their traditional natural...
  7. CortezPearls

    CPAA Member SCAM Alert!

    Just today, Jennifer Heebner informed all of us at the Cultured Pearl association of America that someone is playing a SCAM by sending out an email from info@cpaa.net (this is not a CPAA email, since this organization uses cpaa.org). The email states it has a FUNDRAISER for a Brandon individual...
  8. CortezPearls

    The Sustainability Corner - Issue 3

    Pearls in the Web of Life – Part 1 Pearls are not only a product of a living being -a mollusk- but their “mother mollusk” is also a host for dozens of other life-forms! When we think about other animals that we use in our lives (as a food source or as a luxury good, such as furs) we can...
  9. CortezPearls

    Christina Assael has passed away

    Our friend Jennifer Heebner has just informed us that Christina Assael, wife of the late Salvador Assael, has just passed away peacefully and surrounded by her children at her home. Her family issued the following statement: Assael will remain a family owned business, wit Peggy Grosz at the...
  10. CortezPearls

    Happy Holidays!

    From all of us here at Pearl-Guide.com to all of YOU: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
  11. CortezPearls

    Shakespear and Pearls

    When I was younger (about 12 years old) I discovered theatre plays. And I started reading as many as I could until I found a large book of the most important plays by William Shakespeare in my house's library. I read them all in less than a month. I was simply enjoying myself too much with them...
  12. CortezPearls

    Suzanne Kalan Debuts Tahitian Pearl Capsule Collection for CPAA

    Renowned jewelry designer Suzanne Kalandjian of Suzanne Kalan Jewelry has collaborated the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) to debut a Tahitian Pearl capsule collection, Suzanne Kalan x CPAA Tahitian Pearls. Kalandjian debuted the collection at the 2021 Couture jewelry show, and by...
  13. CortezPearls

    Scotland's Bill Abernethy and the Last Pearl Fisherman passed Away

    In a sad note, this past November 26th marked the end of an Era for the UK's pearling tradition with the passing of Bill Abernathy: Scotland's last pearl diver and a man known for the dance in his Soul and feet, and for having found valuable natural freshwater pearls in Scotland's lochs and...
  14. CortezPearls

    Pearls in the Web of Life - Part 3

    Pearls in the Web of Life – Part 3 In our last entry, where we learned that the outside of pearl oysters acts as a small ecosystem in itself, but now we will “dive deeper” into the oysters themselves to find that this pattern repeats itself -in a kind of Hermetic understanding of the “As is...
  15. CortezPearls

    The Science of Nacre Deposition

    I found these two articles, each referencing the same scientific study, that basically explain the why some pearls are symmetrical (of course, they are focusing on symmetry and not on its opposite) and it is quite interesting! Article 1: New study shows how pearls grow into their symmetry -...
  16. CortezPearls

    Is the Pearl I found in my Clam/Oyster/Mussel Valuable?

    This is a Special Educational entry, but I believe it may be of value to some of our new visitors; it originates from an email I received just a week ago, but I have received this type of e-mails many, many times before... so, I will take this opportunity to have this information to the widest...
  17. CortezPearls

    New Uses of Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl in Medicine

    I found a new article that was posted (at another specialized site) by forum member George Ventouras Pearling Technologies (BTW, if you ever need pearl farming equipment, be sure to check his company's site: Pearling Technologies) and I thought it surely had to be here on the forum. It is about...
  18. CortezPearls

    CIBJO’s just-released Pearl Special Report for 2021

    MILAN, ITALY: October 27, 2021 — With less than one week to go to the opening of the 2021 CIBJO Congress on November 1, 2021, the seventh of this year’s CIBJO Special Reports has been released. Prepared by CIBJO’s Pearl Commission, headed by Kenneth Scarratt, the report provides a broad overview...
  19. CortezPearls

    DIY Project: Make your very own Pearls in Half!

    You have probably seen those photos of beautiful pearls that have been "cut in half" so you can see their inner structure, and you probably wondered how those are worked: are they sawed off? maybe a machete? Well, wonder no more! This little video explains in detail how you can make your...
  20. CortezPearls

    Notable Notes from Pearls that have made History

    Today I found a post by my friend Rui Galopim de Carvahlo on his LinkedIn page. He always shares such interesting photos and facts on all gemstones. This one, I loved...his way of phrasing the information is just so clear and nice! So, I thought I should share it! And then I told myself...hey...