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  1. Skypearl

    Special Tahitian Pearls

    Wowzers, those are Gorgeous!!!:D
  2. Skypearl

    Gold with lemon diamonds

    Oh my, love it!!! Absolutely stunning!
  3. Skypearl

    My first rope of pearls

    Oh my gosh those are GORGEOUS!!!!
  4. Skypearl

    pearls for Inge

    sooo beautiful, incredible job!
  5. Skypearl

    Pearls and Smokey Quartz

    I love smokey quartz; delicious w/those pearls!
  6. Skypearl

    16mm OMG :eek:

    Oh my, sigh, gorgeous!!! ahhhh
  7. Skypearl

    Hello Island Bound, love your pearls!

    Hello Island Bound, love your pearls!
  8. Skypearl

    earrings and a pendant

    Wow, how beautiful!!!
  9. Skypearl

    Tahitian bracelets: baroque, leather, misc.

    Wow, all of them are gorgeous!!!!
  10. Skypearl

    Radiant Pearls Cause of Return to Wire Work...

    Blaire, it is GORGEOUS; I can't wait to see it finished. The gold is a fabulous compliment to the colors of the pearls. drool drool!
  11. Skypearl

    Mother's day Pearls for my dear Mom

    thank you! hmm, they have a very lightness of different colors but I don't think they look aqua; did you see the akoyas Pearlparadise has? those might have some aqua to them. They are grey for sure. Maybe call pearl outlet and have them describe the colors of what they have left?? I wish I...
  12. Skypearl

    Mother's day Pearls for my dear Mom

    thank you Barbie for your sweet words. I thought I would update this thread w/a picture of the matching pearls earrings I bought from the June sale since they sold out of the earrings when I bought the necklace back in May. :D
  13. Skypearl

    Natural colors of Freshwaters.

    Barbie and Amrita, thank you. Barbie thank you for the info on the link to the baroque akoyas.
  14. Skypearl

    Natural colors of Freshwaters.

    Or is there a section I missed that discuss which colors are natural? I am just curious; thanks.
  15. Skypearl

    Natural colors of Freshwaters.

    Hi, I bought some pearls recently and I knew they were dyed but I was wondering what colors are natural for freshwater and akoyas? Thanks.
  16. Skypearl

    Time to show off my dark strands

    Your pearls are gorgeous; they look fabulous on you :D
  17. Skypearl

    9.5mm Akoyas from Pearl Outlets Mother's Day Sale

    Those pearls are beautiful Tashtego!
  18. Skypearl

    HI, newbie here, pics too!

    All your pearls are so beautiful!!!!!! wonderful neck shot of your pendant and new akoyas!!! :D
  19. Skypearl

    Silver grey pearls

    those are gorgeous!!!
  20. Skypearl

    Happy belated bday friend!

    Happy belated bday friend!