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  1. purlgurl

    diamond chips

    I have been known to dip the end of my beading thread in nail polish, for the same effect. Havent tried diamond beads, yet, but it was quite good for other small hole beads, like Peridot, which were too fiddly to ream. Great minds...
  2. purlgurl

    diamond chips

    15 Minutes! Including finishing the ends!?! Now theres something to aim for.... Now, Down to business. Pictures Please!
  3. purlgurl

    9k rose gold findings?

    YAY! Whooopeeee!
  4. purlgurl

    Your signature pearl style

    Oh Girls! It is not possible to have this thread without pictures! Gem Geek has led the way... I'll get my photos when I go back to work...promise...
  5. purlgurl

    Fully drilled pearls set as pendants/earrings

    The blob at the end of the pin is usually the end of the wire, melted. When you heat the wire enough, it simply melts back onto itself, and forms the ball. Also, close to where metal is heated, it becomes more pliable. Perhaps this was the cause of the ball coming off, if there was some space...
  6. purlgurl

    a few interesting pieces

    Very cool, and thought provoking. Hmmm. I also followed the link, and like some of the limited editions as well.
  7. purlgurl

    Paspaley Pearl Blog?

    How odd! The writing reminds me of one of those Non - English -Speaking automatic translations. Unusual from such a professional company. I wonder what the origin is.
  8. purlgurl


    Great hint Wendy, I have had to become an expert at re winding (inherited) gimp, which was badly kinked. I just use sewing needles of various gauges to get the diameter required.
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  10. purlgurl

    The Sara Pearl (proveance traced back to Jean Baptiste Tavernier (17th century)

    Where are the pictures? Descriptions are tantalising!
  11. purlgurl

    CPAA anounces International Pearl Design Competition WINNERS

    Thanks for finding the link, Jeremy. How extraordinary! I love how the metal changes colour as subtly as the pearls do. Hmmm... I wonder how to do that...
  12. purlgurl

    Mini Melbourne ruckus

    Still awaiting hopefully better shots from a different camera... This is Mikeyy dancing with the Teacher. (Of course Nerida & I are spinning so fast, we cant be seen...) Both of them made creditable Tangueros, and should continue to practise. Ruckuses will be taken to a whole new level in the...
  13. purlgurl

    Mini Melbourne ruckus

    It just so happens that my little corner of the world has been selected by a number of very stylish Pearly People, as the Place to Stay (and be enveigled into trying a Tango class). If humanly possible, photos to follow. Surely that is Pearling Industry News of front page significance!
  14. purlgurl

    Zebra pearls on eBay

    Bedazzled maybe????
  15. purlgurl

    Pearl Farm in the Sea of Cortez

    MMMM that blue one, with violet through to turquoise. (I hope nobody else saw it... Would very much like to lay claim to that one.)
  16. purlgurl

    Need help identifying this

    To my untrained eye, that looks like an Osmena. What do you think? I wonder if its weight would help, or if it has been filled...
  17. purlgurl

    Sculpted Pearls

    IMHO, faceting adds little to be desired... pearls are gorgeous enough in their natural state. I wonder why the carving has more appeal to me?
  18. purlgurl

    Sculpted Pearls

    I can see the appeal, I agree, Gimme! The carving has the same look as created with a dremmel, with a burr, the rounded ends on each line look like that. Never the less, I would consider that hand done, as each pearl would be carved individually.
  19. purlgurl

    TRADE ALERT re Non-Beaded Saltwater ('new keshi') Pearls

    "These pearls are generally characterised by an almost perfect appearance" I wonder if that means round, or unblemished surface, or both. I am incredulous about how this is achieved.
  20. purlgurl

    Kojima Pearl

    Oh Sarah, that is so delicious, I'd get married again just to wear it!