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    Mother's Miki's

    Pearl Dreams asked if I would post some pics of my Mothers Mikmioto pearls so here they are. My father gave these to my mother for either their 25th or 30th wedding anniversary. I'm not sure if they married in 1942 or 1952 which would make these Mikimotos either mid 60's or 70's vintage. My...
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    Junk store find

    Thank you for your reply and gentle letdown :) However as I only paid $2 for them I think I will cope. I will be happy to post pics of my mothers miki pearls for you. If however, you detect that those are also fake, please lie!!
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    Junk store find

    While rummaging in a junk store looking for beads, I found this strand. They felt and looked very similar to my mother's Mikimoto strand which I inherited and wear regularly. The beads are quite dull, but have a decent weight to them. The clasp is marked "silver'. Could these possibly be...