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  1. Mermaid

    Nacre depth requirement scrapped from January

    So, with these possible changes in quality, who would all of you suggest for good quality Tahitians [at least that ships to the US]? PearlParadise Kamoka ???
  2. Mermaid

    South Sea baroque pairs

    Hi girls!!! I have been away for forever, been busy starting my own business =/ also trying to stay away so I am not tempted with all your beautiful collection of pearls. Ms. Cees, what is your instagram handle?
  3. Mermaid

    2017 Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows - AGTA news

    I agree with MSC, Please someone post pics of SOC!!!!!!
  4. Mermaid

    Orbit Clasp

    OMG JERSEYPEARL!!!! That necklace is beautiful!!!!! How long is each strand.
  5. Mermaid

    What was most regrettable pearl moment?

    Omg KatBran, I would have turned beet red and died from embarrassment, I am very shy but have the bad habit to slap my husband's butt, jajajaja.
  6. Mermaid

    What was most regrettable pearl moment?

    Oh man, that is hard! I totally understand!
  7. Mermaid

    New Harvest Vietnamese natural color Akoya pearls

    holy macaroni!!!! I want that whole first line. Wow!!!! It looks like the mythical Bifrost.
  8. Mermaid

    What was most regrettable pearl moment?

    I intended to leave this necklace at my aunt's house in Puerto Rico after I got married and have my brother bring it back with him when he came back to the States. Somehow i accidentally took it with me to Iceland and Norway, and I tried to make sure it will always be carried in my money belt...
  9. Mermaid

    365 Days of Pearls

    BabyNurse, those are beautiful! How heavy do your earrings feel when you wear them?
  10. Mermaid

    A marriage made on the web ....

  11. Mermaid

    Sea of Cortez Mabe Tie Clip

    For my wedding last year, I wanted to gift my dad something special on my wedding day. I came up with the idea of a pearl tie clip but didn't like the options in the regular market. I had just discovered and joined Pearl -Guide [Thank you all for all the advice and knowledge!] as well as had...
  12. Mermaid

    Burmese Golden Pearl

    I am so new at this, and using carat for pearls is confusing for me. So how much would you estimate then for a single pearl to go for? They look beautiful!
  13. Mermaid

    Question about Freshadama / Gem Grade Pearl Earrings

    Yes, it is the spots. it has two. My cellphone has a crappy camera. I know those are created naturally but I was still wondering. I just wanted to make sure I am not being stupid or overtly fastidious, especially as this was purchased from one of the recommended vendors from here. Sent them an...
  14. Mermaid

    Question about Freshadama / Gem Grade Pearl Earrings

    I just purchased this pair of Gem Grade 7-8mm pearl stud earrings on the Christmas Sale from a reputable vendor. I, however have a question: I noticed a natural blemish on one of the earrings. Is this normal for a gem grade/freshadama entry level simple studs? I haven't contacted the vendor yet...
  15. Mermaid

    Who wants to go to BALI?!?!

    wohoo! finally finished the quizzes and final exam!!!! I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable when purchasing pearls. Thank you so much for this! A. Gonzalez
  16. Mermaid

    Freshwater can put South Sea in the shade

    omg, LondonPearl, those are jaw droppingly beautiful!!!! If you don't mind my cheekiness, where did you get them from?
  17. Mermaid

    Metallic ripples

    glad to see they went to a good home. I was eyeing them but wasnt fast enough hehe
  18. Mermaid

    Do real men wear pearls?

    I do hope you get better! I got a nasty cold when i came back to the states from Iceland, which evolved into a sinus infection with tons of coughing.... it has been 2 months and I am still fighting it. I have missed you here and hope everything gets well on your end and start seeing you here...
  19. Mermaid

    My Vietnamese Akoya Collection

    Your pearls are extremely beautiful! Love the pistachios and the ombre triple necklace