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    Inherited these Keller pearls, are they valuable??

    I inherited these amazing pearls and I know nothing about them. Only size 16/17" and register item # 425. Can you please help with the value, rarity, type and overall opinions or thoughts. Thank you so much
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    Inherited these beautiful pearls. I know so little! Can u help??

    Inherited this beautiful Keller pearl necklace but I know absolutely nothing. If you can help with type,value, rarity and thoughts overall, It would make my day. Thanks
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    Can someone help me with a price range on my pearls??

    I have a vintage Keller pearl necklace with certificates and still in the box.Registered #425. Length is 16/17". I inherited them and don't know a whole lot about. Any information would be wonderful and what there was would be amazing.