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    Please help to identify: SSP or freshwater

    alternatively, you could agree upon what you think are fair prices for both a FW strand and an SSP strand, then just have them identified and base the price on that (this could maybe avoid the jeweler having to give a price, which can mean a lot of things depending on what type of pricing you...
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    Anyone Familiar With Hand-polishing Stones Like Jasper?

    maybe tumbling them would be the best bet?
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    The little things in life....

    lovely!! it is always so helpful to see IRL photos! can't wait to see what you do with these.
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    Kamoka birthday beauties!

    Happy birthday! The colors are just amazing!
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    Streamlining a bit - Battah's bead babies

    gorgeous!! the ombre rope is fabulous -- did you hand-wrap the tassel out of BS? how much did it take? also those tiny little keshi/baroque strands in #54 (akoya keshi maybe??) look like they'd make a cool strand for your MS river pin! so many inspiring designs!
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    My Apres RUCKUS diamond tiara

    thanks so much for taking us on your virtual shopping trip -- amazing!! you can totally rock that tiara!
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    MS river pearls? Advice/opinions?

    lovely!! another idea would be a strand or two of tiny seed pearls...
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    Photos from the Ruckus 2016

    amazing photos, everyone!! thank you for sharing the experience with those of us who couldn't make it. everyone looks relaxed, happy, and pearly!
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Icyjade, what lovely earrings!! kudos to you for being brave enough to wear drops with a baby -- i don't think i wore anything other than studs until was nearly 2.5 and stopped grabbing everything!
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    My first Tahitian strand

    lovely colors, LD!! enjoy!
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    i haven't been feeling great so not posting too much, but everyone's been posting amazing stuff! battah i love the bracelet redo -- what a pretty and textural set! katalin, your finds from Wen have been lovely. i like the gumball analogy. and those floral earrings are beautiful! newberry, that...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    It's still too hot to really wear pearls but I couldn't wait any longer to take these out for a spin... 8-8.5mm blue baroque akoyas from PP -- DH did awesome with this gift!! feels like these are my first "fancy" pearls since the rest have been inexpensive DIY projects. these are so hard to...
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    Oh Purr look at what I saw today ;)

    love how you brought together the jade and pearls -- gorgeous!
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    Really shiny gold beads

    i had the same problem when i was making 2 consecutive knots -- they just sat next to each other and didn't help make the knot bigger. a surgeon's knot, where you flip the strand thru twice in the same knot, worked better to create larger knots if needed for pearls with larger holes (though they...
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    Fiddling with weaving pearls

    ooh, i love the idea of using large hole pearls to braid on cord!!
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    Look what I found while eating a clam

    wow, JP, what luck!! enjoy!
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    that's lovely worn short or long, battah!
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    Fiddling with weaving pearls

    love how that experiment came out!!
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    My freshwater pearl drops from China!

    ckrickett mentioned Wen's site on the other forum -- that's where I got the name from. i've mostly bought my project pearls from her and youpearl (who has an etsy site and much larger separate website).
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    My freshwater pearl drops from China!

    i admit i finally pulled the trigger on these drops after seeing Katalin's photos :) i also took a gamble on a strand of multicolored "metallic" potato pearls and some "metallic" baroque lavender seed pearls. now i just have to wait! thanks again, Katalin for sharing -- hope mine are as nice as...