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    Isabella Rossellini's rope: Are these Tahitians and SSs?

    Can't get an extreme closeup but here is best I can find; it appears to be the long rope minus the akoya.
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    Isabella Rossellini's rope: Are these Tahitians and SSs?

    Isabella Rossellini has worn this necklace since at least 2005, most recently on a segment of "Finding Your Roots" with Louis Gates. It is an at least 100-inch rope. Any idea what it is? Though some reporters identify it as Tahitian/SS, to me the "SS" look more like CFWs. Whatever it is, she...
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    First Basic Strand Purchase

    Paradise indeed! Paradise indeed! I'm late to this thread but wanted to say, what a gorgeous choice! FWIW this size is what, reading pages of opinions, I hoped you'd get. I'm sure you will enjoy their beauty for years to come.
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    Tilda Swinton's pearl necklace in "I am Love"

    In the film In the film ... she wears them in several scenes, with different clothes. I agree with Jeremy, or they could be all fancy colour Tahitians. I kept stopping the DVD to see; does not look like there are any whites in the strand.
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    got tiaras?

    The whole enchilada, Sarah The whole enchilada, Sarah Suspect that is your head upon which this exquisite piece sits? Wonder if you'd show the whole piece in your hair... or whomever's hair. It's magical, and makes me want something with pearls and coral.
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    Question: How do pearls 'barrel'

    Caitlin's pic is IT! Caitlin's pic is IT! Yeah, that's the look, Caitlin. Can't post pics of my own b/c gave the pearls to one of my mother's friends... but that is exactly the effect. BTW appraiser is extremely well-regarded, used by GIA for historical pieces, so I doubt this is a myth...
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    Question: How do pearls 'barrel'

    When I took my mother's 40-year old akoyas to an appraiser, she commented that "older pearls eventually take on a barrel shape", and indeed Mom's were no longer round. My question is, how does this happen? Does it happen to all round pearls? Thanks!
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    An Amazing Pearl

    Astonishing story, mesmerizing pearl. You are discreet re details, was the 'seller' apprehended?
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    What to do?

    That B-named retailer, Kelly, will stun you re prices, so please do not think this will be remotely like the price you would pay to exchange... but I think this is a brilliant suggestion and so let us know what you decide.
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    Artificial Nacre/Synthetic mother of pearl

    There is already artificial adventure- video games- and artificial romance (I won't go there but it is a multi-billion $ industry), Mikey.
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    What to do?

    If the size is not perfect, I would contact them and ask for an exchange, paying for the bigger size. I don't know your age, but after 30+ years of buying pearls, my advice is to buy larger, with an eye to wearing them for decades. At one point, I suspect that 6.5 mm will look too small even...
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    Large Pondslime

    Another pondslime fan here, yes they are wearable with anything. Enjoy!
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    New Pieces from a New Studio!

    Congratulations and may you create many stunning pieces there! Am absolutely loving my pearls, Sarah.
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    My Kamoka Pearl Necklace

    Your kamoka necklace Your kamoka necklace I'd wear those every day too. Stunning- and I especially compliment you on the length, they look lavish this way.
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    Madama pics (and some fun freshwaters)

    I too chose those pondslime keshis, and I find them a delight.
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    who else carries exotics?

    Buying pearls from Canada Buying pearls from Canada I'm in Canada too. As others have said, you can expect to pay customs duty and taxes, though if an item is mailed via USPS in one of those soft mail bags (the kind with bubble wrap lining) it often comes through as a "small package" without...
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    A couple of ropes

    Marvelous, these are just the kind of pearls I love. Enjoy every single one!
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    Pearls from Phillipines, what do you think?

    (I've never tried to post with an attachment before so hope you can open this.) My friend Vicky bought these pearls in Manila; they are enormous. Obviously dyed. She paid $1000. She told me they are "baroque" but I'd call them (huge) buttons. Any opinions? (She offered it these to me but I...
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    My natural white Hanadama necklace

    So elegant and perfect on you. I agree with Caitlin, wear them as often as you can!
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    "Souffle' Pearls"

    So vibrant and fascinating, lucky you!