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  1. Drucilla

    GemWise: Tucson 09 Wrap Up

    Pattye, Scroll down under the paragraph entitiled " World of Fantasy," and click on the "Baroda pearls" in red
  2. Drucilla

    My secret Valentine

  3. Drucilla

    Tucson Purchases

    Blaire, you made some amazingly beautiful purchases. I've never seen the rough diamonds before, thanks for the education. I have seen and admired Sarah's ring, though. Glad you were the one to glom onto it.
  4. Drucilla

    P. Paradise special

    Well, phooey, while I was gazing at the blue akoyas for $230., (first two smaller sizes already sold out!) wondering if I should weaken and temporarily give up saving for my next acquisition, they sold out before my very eyes. O.k., I guess that settles that - decision made. Never had too...
  5. Drucilla

    Dubai's Pearly Past....

    Glad to know about the sizes of dhows. That kinda helps me hold on to the romantic idea of divers, a small crew, a family boat, and sunrises/sunsets over the ocean. :)
  6. Drucilla

    Dubai's Pearly Past....

    Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and the info. From reading some of Caitlin's previous posts, I somehow imagined the dhou as much smaller.
  7. Drucilla

    Please help me choose which gold spacers

    Yes, the pearls in that bracelet are lovely. And, Pattye, we want to see your finished earrings, too.
  8. Drucilla

    A Beader Special

    Me, too!! Just checked my mail and they're beautiful! I love these luscious berries! Thank you, again, Boo, for the fun game, your generosity and your quick shipment. I'll wear them tonight with joy, and Happy New Year to everyone!
  9. Drucilla

    The Heart of the Lagoon

    Don't put it on a should stay on your neck.
  10. Drucilla

    The Heart of the Lagoon

    W O W ! ! What an incredible gem to start off the New Year with -- on a hard-working gal who rightly earned every gleam of it. It's amazing on you!!! My best congratulations!
  11. Drucilla

    PP's December Tahitian Baroque Sale

    Yes, Pattye, toggling back and forth between PG, baroques and rounds. Wouldn't that round #914 look great on us with our white hair? :)
  12. Drucilla

    PP's December Tahitian Baroque Sale

    TPO just put up a new page full of Tahitian baroques; I can't stare at the necklace I bought any longer. :rolleyes:
  13. Drucilla

    A Beader Special

    My guess is 181.
  14. Drucilla

    Multicolor Baroque South Sea

    Yippee!!! I can't wait for the Christmas present I gave myself!! And won't Hubby have a Christmas surprise, too! :D :D :D They are so pretty on the site, and I know I won't do them justice with my little digital Elph, but will post pictures asap. :rolleyes:
  15. Drucilla

    Multicolor Baroque South Sea

    Terry, are the colors in the tahitian baroque strand you've shown comparable to these? I hope so...I just bought them several hours ago. :rolleyes: and they will be my first (and probably last)...
  16. Drucilla

    Who's excited for the PP Monday?

    I've developed a real fondness for lavenders, but I must say those peachy/pinks are really lovely. The keishi give your eye a place to rest as you look at the freshadamas. Helps the luster of the strand stand out. Talented Boo!
  17. Drucilla

    Pearls on Etsy

    Same for me, Pattye.
  18. Drucilla

    Black Gumballs

    Spectacular, Sheri! I have no Tahitians at all, :eek: so I am especially jealous of those amazing beauties! :)
  19. Drucilla

    Christmas Contest

    Yes, Knotty, are you trying to beat me out of the prize? What if the number is 458??? As first submitter, I claim the right to it! :D :D :D
  20. Drucilla

    Christmas Contest

    Here's my lucky guess; 459.