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  1. sobellejanet

    Please help identify a pretty pearl necklace

    pearlies29, do study the pearl restringing forum entries and the videos. I found several online and kept practicing until my fingers learned what to do. Now I restring for all my friends and give all my friends handmade pearl necklaces. They love me and them! It's a wonderful skill to learn...
  2. sobellejanet

    New Tahitian Strand

    Gemandpearllover, both those strands look beautiful with excellent surface, color and luster. Are they really that good? Did you buy them off those cards with individual pearls in each little circle? I have not had great luck with Wenpearls and wonder what I am doing wrong? I started out with...
  3. sobellejanet

    pearls and sapphires

    Linda, I think the necklace is a work of art. The first thing I studied were the knots using blue thread. Great idea! Clasp is a treasure and the pearls are perfect with it. Afterall they are SSP; good enough for anything. You will gets lots of compliments everytime you wear that!
  4. sobellejanet

    Real akoya pearls?

    I bought 8mm pearl earrings from Costco years ago that came with an appraisal from a GIA gemologist. Doesn't specifiy whether or not they are Akoya; just cultured pearl studs in 14kt gold, but they are very round in appearance and feel. They have been worn mercilessly and still look wonderful...
  5. sobellejanet

    need help with double strand

    Linda, I'm very impressed. Don't know how you could make that necklace any better. Love the small pearls--so unique. You'll have so much fun and get soooo many compliments!
  6. sobellejanet

    Once in a Lifetime: The Sinkankas Symposium on Pearls!

    Linda, private message me with your hotel name and we'll exchange email addresses/phones so we can make arrangements for pickup. Yes, you have to disembark in Oceanside but the station is really not too far from the GIA. Both are on the coast.
  7. sobellejanet

    Once in a Lifetime: The Sinkankas Symposium on Pearls!

    Linda, there's the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort and the Sheraton which are both very near the GIA. I'd be happy to pick you up if you need a ride from your hotel to the GIA. I live in the area.
  8. sobellejanet

    Golden Pearls

    Where do you sell your pearls? They are very gorgeous.
  9. sobellejanet

    Blue Necklace Complete

    To me, the choice of rose gold with those pearls is perfect and you can always wear the necklace with a top that does not expose your skin if you are concerned about your skin color clashing with the gold. Anyway, nothing could have set off the striking color of those pearls better than rose...
  10. sobellejanet

    Stringing Tutorial with photos: Stringing on Serafil, Beaders Secret & Power Pro

    I finally restrung one of those necklaces pictured in post #301. I found a string of amethyst gemstone beads at the College of the Desert street fair in January and used Beader's Secret Grape to create a 50 inch rope. I love it and wear it all the time.
  11. sobellejanet

    Andrew's Photography & Pearls

    Thanks, Andrew. I'll keep trying. Your studio shots of the ladies are dreamy.
  12. sobellejanet

    Andrew's Photography & Pearls

    Andrew, this is a wonderful lesson in how to photograph pearls beautifully. I have tried dozens of times but never get anything close to this. Mainly because I don't have all the lighting resources you do as a professional. What settings do you use for aperture, shutter speed and focal...
  13. sobellejanet

    Circled pearl pendants

    I ordered a single Tahitian circle on a leather necklace from PP for my husband. He wore it frequently but I felt the single pearl was too small for him. When PP had the VIP sale in December, I ordered two more circles. I sent the necklace back to Brie, she selected 2 circles which...
  14. sobellejanet

    What size collapsible needles and thread for . . .

    I often use a battery operated pearl reamer to make small holes a bit larger so the thread can go through. I have used the reamer on very small rice pearls (smaller than yours) and it works perfectly. The size of the thread also depends on the size of the pearls. Smaller pearls usually look...
  15. sobellejanet

    Mikimoto Grade Comparison -- Take a guess!

    Great contest, Andrew. Too much fun. I expect it might be easier in person to make the determination. I tried to guess by how sharp the mirroring in the pearl is. May not be the best way, but we are viewing a photo, afterall and it was difficult to judge the surface. I own a Mikimoto...
  16. sobellejanet

    Pearl Vendor/Store in Honolulu?

    Aloha Pearls in Kanoehe 30 miles from Honolulu. 46-003 Alaloa Street next to Enterprise Rental Car. Open Monday - Saturday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Also has a wonderful site on Etsy. Very beautiful pearls. Many kinds. Tahitians, Akoyas, etc.
  17. sobellejanet

    Pearl Symbolism

    I loved reading this, Gemmologist. Thank you for sharing. I particularly liked the part about the pearl representing the soul. Very lovely.
  18. sobellejanet

    Christmas Gifts

    Yes, amti, both of the small pale necklaces were wired. Jane's necklace was knotted with Beader's Secret Grape and Terri's was knotted with Beader's Secret Gray. Even though knotting takes more time than wire, I much prefer it because I have not perfected my skill with all the pliers. I've...
  19. sobellejanet

    Christmas Gifts

    Thank you all for your generous compliments. You and this website have been a great source of inspiration and education.