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  1. Lady_Disdain

    My pearls

    I love that shape! So fun, in either orientation.
  2. Lady_Disdain

    My pearls

    *sigh* I am still stuck at home so the corona implication flew right over my head. Basically, nothing is getting worn because I don't feel like taking the trouble to put on pearls to go grocery shopping. The stretch cords seem like a good solution for that. How snug is your stretch cord in the...
  3. Lady_Disdain

    My Natural Pearl Collection

    Are you ok? Will it take long to heal?
  4. Lady_Disdain

    My pearls

    Stretch cords are a pain. They naturally degrade with time and go brittle. I had several bracelets and necklaces on stretch cords but I am redoing all of them. I love the nephrite skull. The colour and size are just perfect with the pearls. The azurite one is a bit too small in my opinion. It...
  5. Lady_Disdain

    My second Edison pearl

    A ring will always highlight one side of the pearl (the top), unless you get creative with a spinning setting. The pear shape makes it an extra challenge. Choose a bail that looks good on both sides and you can have either side face forward depending on your mood. Use the pendant on a long chain...
  6. Lady_Disdain

    Kundan necklace,Indian ingenuity

    Oh, wow! What a fantastic surprise. Tell us all the details, please.
  7. Lady_Disdain

    Solid gold wire

    Do you have a torch for balling up the ends?
  8. Lady_Disdain

    80' vs contemporany akoya pearls

    I love the cool silvery tones of the contemporary necklace but it won't be flattering for every skin tone.
  9. Lady_Disdain

    Help with an intricate pearl “bib”?

    Would the client be ok with swapping the clasp? That necklace deserves a better clasp and it doesn't need to be expensive.
  10. Lady_Disdain

    All comments welcome....

    And indeed you should love them! They are gorgeous and will give you a lifetime of joy.
  11. Lady_Disdain

    All comments welcome....

    I did a quick google search on Istituto Masini and I am more confused than I was before. While their web domain is available for sale, I found their profile on According to that, they are specialized in product functionality and safety. They mention food, toys, healthcare...
  12. Lady_Disdain

    Tridacna gigas -- with an attatched blister pearl?

    My worry is the lack of provenance. Tridacna gigas is a protected species and harvesting is illegal except under specific conditions.
  13. Lady_Disdain

    see an unique pearl in the form of a little fish

    Wasn't this image shared on the forums a couple of years ago? I remember it for being unusual.
  14. Lady_Disdain

    keep these freshadamas?

    I still dream of blue akoyas... As you say, that perfect pinkish/blue colour.
  15. Lady_Disdain

    My akoyas

    If it has a 1cm diamond, the price is for the diamond and not the pearls. That would be over 3 carats, if round.
  16. Lady_Disdain

    Should I buy these pearls?

    Zombie thread alert!
  17. Lady_Disdain

    Should I buy these pearls?

    I don't like the first one either, sorry. As stated before, the clasp style clashes with the flower and I don't like how they adapted it for two strands. The pearls are nuggets with a flat side and the flat side annoys me a lot. I love the colour as well but you can get a nice strand in that...
  18. Lady_Disdain

    Traditional gift?

    From you description, I imagine there is a chance that they are natural pearls.
  19. Lady_Disdain

    Christmas came early!

    What a beautiful ring. And since I always fixate on small things, I love the delicate diamond halo. Such an unexpected detail.
  20. Lady_Disdain

    Split pearls necklace

    Yes, I think you are right. The two center pearl "halves" seem to add up to somewhat more than a whole a pearl.