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  1. Jacques

    New Fiji Pearl Article!

    What a hoot! Great article too. Well done Justin!
  2. Jacques

    is the price right for this pearl?

    Aw thanks Hanadama! Personally, I think this is too expensive for what it is - and also anyone who uses AAAA or an AAA+++ grading system definitely raises a red flag for me as well. You can get a nice 7mm Near-Round Tahitian pearl - (not dyed) for way less money. And the colors would be...
  3. Jacques

    Fiji Pearls

    Look at those pearls!
  4. Jacques

    Fiji Pearls

    Wow incredible those fuscias Justin!
  5. Jacques

    New Pastel Tahitian Rope

    Just gorgeous what you ended up making with them! And the Fiji pearls - oh my! When you put them next to the Near Round pastels you really see the how color pops on the Fijians! They are all special but wow, I am really impressed with Justin's pearls. I'll have to see if I can secure some...
  6. Jacques

    The little things in life....

    The keshi pearls are some of my favorites. Those ones especially, as they are AAA quality - they have super smooth surface quality - for keshis.
  7. Jacques

    Pastel Tahitians

    Thanks for showing us pics of the pair you found JP! It's a beautiful color.
  8. Jacques

    Look what I found while eating a clam

    This is so great! You of all people deserved to find that pearl!
  9. Jacques

    Hot Air Balloon

    Oh my oh my!
  10. Jacques

    Rainbow Matched Pairs

    Hi lary and wdw. These pairs here are sold. If I ever post pearl pictures on PG they are usually pieces that are already called for. I think this is a nice way to approach posting pictures on the forum - it feels more authentic to me that way - and I know everyone else appreciates it as well...
  11. Jacques

    Rainbow Matched Pairs

    Hi! Sometimes I can't help myself from posting pics of amazing pearls that go though my office. And - well - today seems like one of those days. Rainbow colored Near-Round Mangareva pearls, in 10-11mm size. And the best thing is, they are exquisitely matched by my dear Kelly Bailey! I could...
  12. Jacques

    Hot Air Balloon

    Now that is a Hot Air balloon convention! ;) Well done! You are super creative - the pieces are amazing.
  13. Jacques

    Little H Tahitian Geodes

    Those are very nice!
  14. Jacques

    Some marvelous peacock colors

    Wow that is just awesome. You put those together quickly ;) And those were a nice size too. Thanks for showing us what you did with them and enjoy those peacock beauties!
  15. Jacques

    Sea of Cortez Mabes!

    Just seeing this post BAS. These are utterly fabulous! Well done. And the craftsmanship is just exquisite.
  16. Jacques

    Little H Tahitian Geodes

    Such a unique piece of jewelry. Hisano is very talented.
  17. Jacques

    Need some help...structural

    Awesome job - you're a great designer JP!
  18. Jacques

    Some marvelous peacock colors

    HI wdw, The ones you bought are a slightly different quality. They are AA+ whereas the ones referenced above were AAA. It does make a difference in the overall quality and color. Just posting it to be clear. :)
  19. Jacques

    Deeply Carved Pearls

    Just seeing this thread. This is really great and an original idea. I like them!
  20. Jacques

    A Special Pair

    From my understanding, E6000 is "jeweler's cement" and is a different product than superglue. I have heard it is more reliable in the long run and isn't prone to cracking. The superglue that has helped for me on projects in the past is good 'ole "Loctite." Hope this helps!