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  1. CricketBug

    The Most Incredible Akoya Pearls I Have Ever Seen

    Wow! Just... WOW!!! Those pearls are amazing in all ways, Andrew! Thank you for posting. I hope Patteye will be able to share photos once these beauties are strung!
  2. CricketBug

    My rainbow strand!

    That's so fun to see the beginning and continuing progress of the pearl hunt in Hong Kong! It's looks like it was a treasure hunt. :D
  3. CricketBug

    My rainbow strand!

    Wow! This turned out so beautifully, Charlotta! It's an ombre rainbow strand! All your studs will go with it, which is a bonus. :cool:
  4. CricketBug

    another Sample Sale purchase

    What fun! Thank you for sharing! The GSS studs you purchased are right in my favourite zone for studs. Gorgeous!
  5. CricketBug

    My tahitian pearls

    More Tahitian beauty! Love the different bands on the enhancer from Pearl Society. They look almost rainbow-ish in the one photo. So pretty and versatile!
  6. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Hah! I completely agree, Charlotta! I could cheerfully "branch out" to a beautiful dark blue strand similar to yours! :rolleyes: Well, I tried, but to no avail, this year. Perhaps next year?!
  7. CricketBug

    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    There were/are some gorgeous pieces in this offering! I tend to prefer to deliberate and think about what I would love and wear, rather than to feel pressured by a time-limit (and a sense of "competition" that others might beat me to it) to be impulsive and buy-right-now!!! LOL! That said, I...
  8. CricketBug

    Pearl Diary

    LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing, Andrew! I agree! There could definitely be cross-pollination in this thread—what could possibly be more wonderful than diamonds and pearls?! Not necessarily in that order. Haha.
  9. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Katbran, I love using different coloured threads to subtly compliment the various pearls. The next time I refresh the Robert Wan strand I may use teal, although the navy is such a excellent colour overall, for the strand. Waps, even though I have more than enough blue pearls, my eye is always...
  10. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Charlotta, you do take wonderful pearl photos! And wonderful cat-let photos, too. ;) I always love to see them. eolianpearls, thank you, and yes!, Cees' strand of Robert Wan pearls are truly glorious. Thank you, BWeaves and 2thdktr!
  11. CricketBug

    My pearls

    Love the variety you can wear with these rings/loops. The copper greens are so gorgeous!
  12. CricketBug

    Akoya redos

    Lovely Tahitian colours, 86C! Charlotta, that's quite a process to making a tassle with that cap! Kudos for an excellent job and description!
  13. CricketBug

    On order, a new Tahitian multicolored strand!

    Haha! I quickly opened this thread thinking that your strand had arrived. LOL! :rolleyes:
  14. CricketBug

    Akoya redos

    So much beauty! I really like the tassel, it turned out so well! And the wave strands are especially gorgeous, too. It's wonderful to see the pearls re-purposed.
  15. CricketBug

    Pearl Diary

    Love this two-tone-looking pendant! Is it both silver and gold? Or is it my monitor? Either way, it's very pretty on you!
  16. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Thank you ParrotLady and Alyend! We are so very fortunate to have wonderful vendors that find and provide so much beauty, right?! Charlotta, yes!, you also have had a spectacular year in pearl acquisitions! I know I sound too repetitive, yet I will say it again—your pearls (and photos!) are...
  17. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Lilpearl, I rarely wear the purple-peach combo strand as they somehow look a bit odd on my skin tone. The Robert Wan strand, blues and the GSS strands all get a lot of wear. And with layering, keshi and pendants get worn a lot with any of the blue strands. I'm so glad to see so many great...
  18. CricketBug

    Guo Pei's pearl bridal gown

    Holy-moley! The shoes! THAT'S what I would want help (via human pontoons) with! Incredibly creative, like grand movie/theatre costumes. What an imagination.
  19. CricketBug

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    You will light up NOLA with Kanaloa! :cool:
  20. CricketBug

    Pearl Confessions...

    Thank you, Charlotta. I think it was mainly seeing all your beautiful Cees pearls that tipped me over the edge to contact him. :rolleyes: I am pretty much putting myself on a hiatus from buying pearls. Heh. Well, that's the plan... Who knows what might happen though, if something too beautiful...