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  1. pattye

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Delightful souvenirs, Jeg, useful and beautiful! I'm so looking forward to seeing the earrings on you!
  2. pattye

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    All so beautiful, Jeg! Thank you!
  3. pattye

    Pearlized Turbo Shell necklace

    Very cool, StevieBoy! What a great gift and belated HBD! King Neptune!
  4. pattye

    Seeking some details about this Mikimoto Strand

    Diamonds, why do you say this doesn't appear authentic?
  5. pattye

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Beautiful scenery, Jeg, and definitely an adventure! Thanks so much for taking us along with you in spirit!
  6. pattye

    Never clasped Mikimoto Cultured Pearls Worth getting appraised locally?

    I've never seen wax seals like this before; thanks very much for the photos!
  7. pattye

    Seeking some details about this Mikimoto Strand

    Here is some useful information about vintage Mikimoto pearls : It appears to me this strand has been restrung with Griffin silk and knotted between each pearl, giving a rather heavy look. Originally only the few end pearls would have had knots between and double thread would have been used...
  8. pattye

    My "Pearling" Story...

    My heart goes out to you and your family; your Mother was indeed special.
  9. pattye

    Chinese Actress Ni Ni knocks out Robert Wan Pearl Auction

    Fascinating! The blossom earrings (findings) are always a favorite of many of us ~ any chance they'll be brought back or a similar style, Jeremy?
  10. pattye

    Unusual Pearl Earring

    Getting the tension right when stringing small stacked pearls (no knots), whether for necklace, bracelet or earrings, is a challenge for the designer! I agree, looks like knots with some sort of glue at both top and bottom.
  11. pattye

    Hong Kong September 2023

    There was a problem with the sound at the beginning of Day 3 with the GSS, but after a couple of minutes the problem was resolved, so just go forward about 2 minutes. It's been great fun watching the lives and seeing the photos from the show!
  12. pattye

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Sorry to hear, Douglas, Heal quickly!
  13. pattye


    Is the dark necklace heavy? It's possible it might be a polished stone like hematite.
  14. pattye

    Do you sleep with your pearls?

    No, I don't sleep in my pearls or any other jewelry. Some of my pearls would be a rather large lump to sleep on! Most of our pearls these days are very good quality, having been carefully sorted. Pearls of mine over 20+ years old still have their luster and beauty, imo.
  15. pattye

    I.D. Help

    Interesting, whatever it is; I'd have picked this up too!
  16. pattye

    How Do I Restring a Half and Half Strand?

    Catmom, your bracelet turned out perfectly! What a great discussion with so many suggestions! I've puzzled over how I'd do this, but have never actually done a black/white combo.
  17. pattye

    Video of Pearl Knotting with no Tools

    Thanks so much, Douglas, very helpful to have better access to the video!
  18. pattye

    Help requested for identifying blackish pearls please

    Hellen, Thank you for the excellent photos. You have a lovely strand of dyed "chocolate" freshwater pearls. If you're able to wear them doubled, you might not notice the weight as much and they will make quite a statement!
  19. pattye

    Yellowed pearls

    Wow, is that ever good news!! :D
  20. pattye

    Yellowed pearls

    This severe yellowing is new to me also. I've never heard of a way to remove it. Glad to know the luster is still there. Fw pearls tend to be more ivory than SS white.