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  1. pearlescence

    Hong Kong September 2023

    I suddenly realised the biggest difference this show....wholesalers seem to have all simultaneously ditched those silly tassels on high end strands. I don't remember seeing one of the pesky things.
  2. pearlescence

    Unusual Pearl Earring

    glue the thread
  3. pearlescence

    Hong Kong September 2023

    Being there was huge fun. exhausting but huge fun.
  4. pearlescence

    Unusual Pearl Earring

    A neater way to do it would be to finish the thread inside a pearl around two from each end and attach the final couple of pearls with a headpin - so pearl 3 has half silk and half pin attaching, if you follow. Small silver ball going to loot neater than a gluey knot?
  5. pearlescence

    Hong Kong September 2023

    Shocked at the videos coming out of Hong Kong of the torrential rain and massive flooding.
  6. pearlescence

    Hong Kong September 2023

    I plan to do insta videos - any requests? pearls and Hong Kong sights?
  7. pearlescence

    Hong Kong September 2023

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. See you both there!
  8. pearlescence

    Are those good quality akoya?

    You should be able to get a copy from the institution which awarded the master's. Their library should hold a copy. I don't know if you have access to an inter-library system in Mexico or USA (depending on where you got your master's,) but here in the UK we have access to such materials for a...
  9. pearlescence

    Lovely silver blue inherited pearls

    Maybe ten or so years ago akoya wholesalers in the Hong Kong show just sold white white white. One or two had maybe a couple of blue strands and a gold sort of apologetically in a dusty corner and they were soooooo cheap. Then akoya folk noticed that people wanted natural colour freshwaters and...
  10. pearlescence

    Men Who Wear Pearls!

    Completely without any taste or style. very unfashionable or unsophisticated The clue is in the Mr T, unless you think kilos of gold chain are the last word in elegance and finesse
  11. pearlescence

    Does high ct gold clasp mean good pearls?

    Consider that a Mikimoto clasp does not guarantee Miki pearls. Nor, without a system of independent assay, that it is 21ct. A quick pass at google shows that there is no such assay system so it could even be plated.
  12. pearlescence

    Men Who Wear Pearls!

    Man jewellery should look a bit as though the man was out hunting and just saw this interesting thing. So wood, pearls, uncut stones, that sort of stuff is great. Mr T style gold chains..naff. Very naff.
  13. pearlescence

    Do you sleep with your pearls?

    I've been wearing a single big edison floating pearl continuously for months. 24/7. It's still perfectly happy. I remember Caitlin wearing a bracelet similarly for many months as an experiment.
  14. pearlescence

    Men Who Wear Pearls!

    I'll make something up for you Douglas!
  15. pearlescence

    Guidance on Fair Pearl Pricing by Seasoned Experts Like You

    A responsible seller will set a price which is fair for his or her stock, not different prices for different markets. Set your prices and see if people buy. Are you a retailer or a wholesaler? Do you supply strands or finished pieces? Is this a way to very subtly market these pearls?
  16. pearlescence

    Black Butterfly pearls

    Translation issue.
  17. pearlescence

    Freshwater or South Sea Baroque?

    I agree Douglas. South Sea.
  18. pearlescence

    What in the heck are these?

    Petal keshi. Price depends on size and quality.
  19. pearlescence

    Best Guess Dyed or Natural

    Definitely dyed.