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  1. Ramona

    Big Pearls Found in Palawan Philippines

    It infuriates me that people just go and kill protected species solely for profit. In particular if they do not even have any knowledge about the product they trying to retrieve. Here I said it. You should be ashamed.
  2. Ramona

    Kamoka Pearls Go Edgy & Internationally Inspired

    Nice! Fits well together.
  3. Ramona


    I remember I could initially pay for purchases with a card. But that was for the first couple of thousand dollars. Paypal is otherwise very strict in the US for setting up an account linked to a bank account and requires ID and address confirmation. Maybe it is easier in Asia. I have never heard...
  4. Ramona

    Just had to share

    By the way: Does anybody know how to turn off the commercial posting on Facebook?
  5. Ramona

    Just had to share

    Surprise, surprise! I just got a friendly reminder by Ebay posted on my Facebook page suggesting me to buy this lovely strand before it is too late.
  6. Ramona

    How far are you willing to reveal [pearl farmer / trader] / to pay [pearl buyers]?

    I am a member of a tribe that is dying out: I absolutely value my own privacy and turn irate if companies/government violate it by tracking information behind the backs of consumers/people. And I can be quite radical when feeling irate as to completely sever ties with said entities. So, I am not...
  7. Ramona


    They do grow this species in aquaponics cultures already. I would contact people with some experience to see whether it is viable option. Aquaponics corrects many of the problems that can come up. But it certainly will not be easy.
  8. Ramona


    I read somewhere this mussel species produces pearls naturally. You are probably still more likely to enjoy them as a meal rather than with mussels inside, but it should be an interesting experiment.
  9. Ramona


    That species has been used by somebody in Australia for aquaponics. They seem to be tasty.
  10. Ramona


    I think you may first need to learn how to grow mussels. There may be some aquaponics systems that use freshwater mussels. That would probably be hard enough. To even have a slight chance at culturing pearls, you would have to work in a sterile or semi-sterile environment and keep your culturing...
  11. Ramona

    A new type of pearl!

    The pearls remind me of lava. I think Pele is the goddess of volcanoes.
  12. Ramona

    Kamoka pearls now selling on Etsy Guess there will be more good things to come.
  13. Ramona

    A new type of pearl!

    What is the word for black magic woman in Polynesian? Pele pearls comes to my mind, but that's a man.
  14. Ramona

    A new type of pearl!

    I think the name should be polynesian.
  15. Ramona

    A new type of pearl!

    I was waiting for something like this to come out of Tahiti. Finally! Competition is best countered with innovation.
  16. Ramona

    Ombre triple-strand baroque necklace

    Beautiful. This necklace must make some entrance.
  17. Ramona

    Are these Chinese freshwater pearls?

    I love their shape and they look a bit like mild rosebud pearls.
  18. Ramona

    Treasure or Trash ( South Sea Baroque pearls)

    They look like nice, satiny, South Sea baroque pearls. I am not sure what the current price would be for such a strand, but 20 yrs ago prices for such pearls were most likely higher than today and the priece tag probably reflects retail store price not internet provider (in its infant shoes at...
  19. Ramona

    Tahitian Pearls from the Marshall Islands

    Is there any recent news on pearls from the Marshall Islands?
  20. Ramona

    Three Strand Seed Pearl Necklace on Ebay

    You don't need to knot I think. They look very nice.