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  1. Heidi

    My new Sea of Cortez Pendant from UK arrived today!

    So beautiful - and your photos look great! Thanks for sharing. :)
  2. Heidi

    How Did I Do?

    That is stunning - what a great find! Wear it in good health. :) [BTW: I am loving the Facebook feed - I get real-time (ish) notices of the new posts here so I can keep up more effectively.]
  3. Heidi

    Help me choose from this selection

    A little note on size and luster - they collude to create a bigger effect in drop pearls than you might otherwise guess. That's the power of seeing pearls in person and trying them on, since the "math" isn't necessarily meaningful unless you have tangible examples. Also: The middle photograph of...
  4. Heidi

    Back on line

    Hi Sheryl - I've been more lurking than posting but love to follow everyone's work. Glad to hear you've made it through your (epic!) move. :) These are great designs - such a nice balance between the texture of the leather and the glorious colors of the pearls. Wishing you tons of success in...
  5. Heidi

    Tom Stern's natural pearls

    Congratulations on the honor!
  6. Heidi

    Applying For Membership-----

    Wow Pattye - what beautiful designs! I love the colors and those little sparks of gold in the findings. Very wearable and distinguished.
  7. Heidi

    THE RING photo is published!

    Lovely photo of a stunning design - a huge congratulations to both of you!!
  8. Heidi

    Save the Date: Pearl Guide Summer Ruckus 2011

    Thanks for posting all (as I peek up from my desk). It sounds like a fulfilling and wonderful weekend once again! Some day I hope to be less chained to the construction industry and able to break away during the summer. And Pattye - I heard through the grapevine that, indeed, it's true. I love...
  9. Heidi

    Kamoka Pearls Boutique Opens!!

    Brilliant and beautiful Josh! Congratulations on taking this step. :)
  10. Heidi

    Konfirmation present

    Beautiful, beautiful! What nice designs you've created to commemorate the occasion. The colors and matching on the pearls are lovely and I can't imagine a better jewelry gift for a young lady. I'm with the others here - do encourage her to wear them often and with all kinds of outfits.
  11. Heidi

    My pearls

    Great designs! Love the work that you've done and thank you for the photos. Did you also make the pondslime earrings? Lovely pearls on those.
  12. Heidi

    This guy has the goods...

    Those are amazing. Thank you for posting so many photos - even though I know the colors are difficult to capture, we can certainly get an idea of the magnificent range in those pearls. Very nice and dynamic design to show them off!
  13. Heidi

    This guy has the goods...

    Such a gorgeous combination of textures and colors in that bracelet. Really amazing. Thanks for posting the image and other links, Cathy! Caitlin - I, too, will work for pearls. :D
  14. Heidi

    "Souffle' Pearls"

    Stunning! I have distinct pearl envy - these are some of the most beautiful pearls I've ever seen. Good on ya' with the Valentine's gift! :)
  15. Heidi

    This guy has the goods...

    Wow - stunning! Cathy - hope to see a fabulous creation for these. Great job composing with those colors!
  16. Heidi

    Applying For Membership-----

    Wow Pattye - impressive knotting! Very lovely piece. :)
  17. Heidi

    Sea of Cortez fan club

    Gorgeous set and really wonderful job highlighting the qualities of those lovely pearls.
  18. Heidi

    Souffl? and the start of a new line!

    These are breathtaking! Very glad to get a peek at what's around the corner. These color-shifting pearls are so exciting. :)
  19. Heidi

    Hanadama pearls from Pearl

    Ah dear Lisa - I did get my gorgeous earrings and have been working like a dog since then so no nifty photos as of yet. When it rains, it pours, so I am working on being grateful. While at work. *sigh*
  20. Heidi

    Knitting with pearls

    A floss threader = brilliant! And I hope my questions didn't detract from my compliments - this is a beautiful shawl!!