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  1. pammbw

    keep these freshadamas?

    Absolutely! Far too many compromise strands in my jewelry box just gathering dust. Be choosy and only buy what you love!
  2. pammbw

    Last Tango in Halifax pearls?

    I have also been lusting after this pendant since I first saw the show a few months ago. It looks like a champagne south Sea to me. Anyone have any info?
  3. pammbw

    Pearl split along ring line

    Better photo
  4. pammbw

    Pearl split along ring line

    Just one drill hole, the brown spot next to the droll hole looks like organic matter to me. Possibly where the mantle tissue graft was inserted. It looks to me like the pearl was implanted with a small pearl? Is that a pearl culturing technique? To make these larger freshwater pearls? Pearl...
  5. pammbw

    Pearl split along ring line

    One more shot. Not sure it's any better. I will try to get a better photo
  6. pammbw

    Pearl split along ring line

    I bought a strand of inexpensive freshwater ringed pearls and one of them split in half right at the ring line. Is this a common occurrence in inexpensive pearls? Could this happen in any ringed pearls, fresh or saltwater? Is this a consequence of over processing? Including photos because I...
  7. pammbw

    Bead Nucleated FW Strands

    Those are beautiful!
  8. pammbw

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    86C, Bweaves, and Charlotta you guys have definitely given me the Blues. A serious need for blue pearls! They are beautiful!
  9. pammbw

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Aww thanks everyone! She's a wonderful person and a talented photographer in Philadelphia. We have been blessed with 3 truly amazing kids!
  10. pammbw

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Me and mini me at the cherry blossoms last week. Hoping it uploads right side up! Instagram cut off my necklace so I thought I would give the specs here. It's a strand of flameballs I got in Shanghai last year, and the 2 little drops are from Wen. You can barely see one ear where I have my...
  11. pammbw

    My pearls

    Wow love those blue pearls! Great clasp too.
  12. pammbw

    My pearls

    I really like that strand! Very nice reuse of those ripples!
  13. pammbw

    My pearls

    Those are beautiful strands! So much personality in both of them.
  14. pammbw

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    That pendant is stunning! She will be thrilled!
  15. pammbw

    Is there a prevalence of dyed Tahitians pearls?

    This is also true of white south sea pearls, not just tahitians. And as Kathleen pointed out, lots of edisons are being dyed gold. Very easy for a pearl novice to be fooled. I shop Wen Pearls pretty regularly and she has many strands- correctly identified- that could easily be sold by...
  16. pammbw

    Blue Necklace Complete

    That is an exceptionally gorgeous necklace!
  17. pammbw

    where /how to keep all the earrings?

    I use cigar boxes and line them with felt or with foam rolls to make something similar to the ring section in a jewelry box. Perfect for storing stud earrings. Lots of YouTube videos on how to do it.
  18. pammbw

    My pearls

    Charlotta your collection is wonderful! Very inspiring. Especially the pendants. I need more pearl pendants in my life!
  19. pammbw

    Mikimoto Grade Comparison -- Take a guess!

    Thank you Andrew for the comparison photos! Very informative. My guesses were pretty accurate when I started reading this thread. I think pearls are like diamonds, each person has to find the strand/stone that speaks to them, whatever grade it may be. I am with Bweaves, any of those strands...
  20. pammbw

    My Pearls... sharing

    Oooh I LOVE that caged pearl!