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  1. ennui

    Pearl Luster: The Quality Factor Behind a $1.5 Million Price Tag with Pearl Paradise

    I laughed when Jordan fell over. It's educational to see all the strands side by side, so helpful. I am now motivated to pick up a lottery ticket before the next drawing. In the mean time, how much for the artwork behind Jeremy? That might be in my budget. ;)
  2. ennui

    In the News: Japanese Akoya Pearl Prices Have Skyrocketed 80% (2023)

    But what about quality? I've seen some very poor Akoya pearls, with nacre so thin I could see the bead inside. Thanks for posting the article. I'm glad I bought what I bought way back when.
  3. ennui

    Kim Kardashian's Pearl Outfit for the Met Gala 2023

    There is an article in English here, with more photos and video.
  4. ennui

    New Fashion & Style Forum

    I accidentally ran across this article in Marie Claire. I laughed. Pearls are back for 2023? Did pearls ever leave?
  5. ennui

    How Do You Store Your Pearls? Show Us!

    I recently found a pearl rope necklace of my grandmother's in a pouch with the original receipt. Nice to have provenance.
  6. ennui

    Getting a pearl ring wet

    I had a freshwater pearl ring that I wore when I washed my hands. The (very small) pearl came off twice, and I found it both times. I glued it again, and this time it seems to be holding. I never have any problems with my antique Akoya ring, but I'm more careful with it. I think toothpaste is...
  7. ennui

    Removing back from a pearl.

    I had a GSS pearl stud pair, and sadly, lost one earring (breaks my heart, still, to this day). I've had the orphan for a few years, and tried a few different times to remove it from the post so I could make a pendant, but no luck. UNTIL TODAY. I tried the microwave method, which honestly...
  8. ennui

    Need help with name and value please

    Amber4844's bracelet looks like Akoya to me, too. Honora company has been around since 1946, so this bracelet could pre-date their current offerings of freshwater, dyed pearls.
  9. ennui

    Buying loose pearls for a necklace?

    I agree with echo. Collecting pearls for a strand sounds fun and romantic, but it would take years and years. Professional jewelers can spend years collecting the right pearls for a special strand, and they have access to the harvests. Maybe if I could sit and sort pearls at the farm, I'd select...
  10. ennui

    men and pearls

    I'm a little surprised that no one noticed Joc Pederson of the Atlanta Braves -- wearing pearls -- for the World Series. His strand is on the way to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. This is an article about the pearls -- the jeweler calls them inexpensive at $4K, but they are 14mm...
  11. ennui

    South Sea vs Akoya size comparison - fun photo :)

    Beautiful pearls, both strands.
  12. ennui

    Will South Sea Pearls value grow in next years?

    Interesting to see this topic, when I was coming here to link an article I just read. :05: I hope it's still okay to post links -- Australian pearl breeding success offers hope for industry hit hard by coronavirus crisis - ABC News I also read the other articles below that one. They all...
  13. ennui

    Pearl Bracelet Poll

    I wear pearl bracelets. I have all sorts, freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian. I had a leather/Tahitian bracelet but the leather did not hold up over time. My only issue is the clasps, some are easier than others. My Tahitian bracelets have the same clasp as my strand, so I can add them for a longer...
  14. ennui

    My first and very fun Tahitian rope

    I love your rope! It reminds me of the harvest strands that pop up every once in a while. May I ask the length? It's beautiful, I hope you get a lot of wear from it.
  15. ennui

    New Bi-Monthly Digital Magazine #ThisIsPearl by CPAA

    I received the link to the February edition but it says I am blocked. I remember reading the December issue but now I'm blocked from that, too. Did something change? I'm using the same web browser as before.
  16. ennui

    Who makes pearl hair combs?

    Have you considered mother of pearl? Mother of pearl hair combs are fairly easy to find, and also genuine material. I also found some bobby pins made with genuine pearls.
  17. ennui

    One Tahitian into a necklace

    Me, too. I have a floating Akoya necklace like the bar necklace in the second photo, as well. The rainbow Tahitian is beautiful, and I like the necklace. I've never purchased from Ehret but often look through their listings.
  18. ennui

    Tin Cup Necklace History

    I have one, with gray pearls of varying shapes and sizes. Back to the Tin Cup, it's difficult to find one with lots of pearls. Most modern tin cup necklaces seem to be five or seven pearls.
  19. ennui

    Pearl designer question

    That's it! I recognize that flower pendant with the GSS. I knew this forum would know! Thank you!
  20. ennui

    Pearl designer question

    I occasionally watch Mark Brown on JTV with his Precious World of Pearls shows (please don't judge me ;)). Mark frequently refers to a pearl designer named Shera (sp?) who he says has been named Pearl Designer of the Year two years in a row. Does anyone know who this person might be? I haven't...