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  1. amti

    2020 and 2021 harvests at Perlas del Mar de Cortez

    StarryPearl, you trained him well! :D Great news SOC! Beautiful colors and I'm another fan of the hammered pearl!
  2. amti

    Grade discrepancy

    You can't tease us like that and not show pictures. :D
  3. amti

    Black Friday 2021

    What a stunning purple pendant! Will need to see pictures. ;)
  4. amti

    Mississippi River Natural Pearls

    Do you know what makes for the different colors and extreme differences in shapes? Is the coloring the result of a bacteria, like the blue akoyas?
  5. amti

    Rainbow necklaces

    Very pretty. Reminds me of a display board of pearls. :)
  6. amti

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Rokor, your SSP strand looks very lustrous and your shirt very breezy. Jeg, I had a chuckle about your shirt comment. Jeg, gotta admire the chunkiness of your keshis, and I echo BW's comment on the Kasumi strand. Your earrings match your rope well! The colors look so spring-y! I cannot help but...
  7. amti

    Ask the experts..

    Beautiful strands! I often put keshi in between pearls for interest, and because I love keshi. The keshi look like akoya keshi to me- very high luster, the shapes, and the sizes. I wonder if they were added to lengthen the strand. I have a gold chain that used to belong to my grandmother (who...
  8. amti

    My first floating Tahitian pendant, and "how" I made it.

    Your reflection on the pearl is amazing! I love that blue color, and love floating pearls. I haven't had the courage to make my own. Did you get a pearl that was fully drilled and just enlarge the hole? I can't imagine how hard it was for you to take that long. The end result is definitely worth it!
  9. amti

    Kundan necklace,Indian ingenuity

    That's an amazing buy if it is gold. The only true way to know is by doing an acid test. I recommend purchasing one for this kit. Some gold buyers will test but I would not trust their acid since some of them are not honest. Is dipping gold in bronze common in this type of jewelry? It is a...
  10. amti

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I'm so very sorry to hear of your MIL's passing, Jeg. She sounds like a very nice person who was loved by many. May she RIP and may all who loved her feel her presence when they need her strength. On another note, the coral pendant is beautiful. I was on a coral kick a few years ago and love...
  11. amti

    Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

    All your creations are beautiful but the akoya bubble necklace draws me in the most. I really need to get making one. I have a lot of tiny akoyas from strands collected over the years. I think the cat's eye strand is beautiful too. I think it will compliment your coloring the most. Any neck shots?
  12. amti

    Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

    I love this Linda!!! I have been wanting to make a bubble necklace for a few years but haven't found the time. It is such a beautiful combo!!!
  13. amti

    Trying to wear pearls more often!

    I love that phrase!!! Absolutely true!!! I love the bracelet! I'm all about being able to see your pearls, so I love bracelets and ropes. The very first piece I made about 5 years ago was a keshi tin cup 17" necklace. I made it because I loved keshi and could wear something on my neck all the...
  14. amti

    Questions about vintage brooch on offer

    The markings are 14P, P standing for plumb, meaning the piece is at least 14 karat gold. Seeing how tiny the broach is, those will be seed pearls, which I believe are natural. I don't have any reason to think the gold is fake, but it is always good to get your gold tested. I purchased some...
  15. amti

    natural pearls pacific : FANTASTIC !

    That looks like a buttery egg yolk! Very pretty!
  16. amti

    Blockchain authenticity of Pearls

    Looks like a Mikimoto clasp with lousy knotting at the clasp. I'd restring it and knot between each pearl and use gimp.
  17. amti

    Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

    That's a cheery strand! Is it the gssp strand you got at Ruckus two years ago?
  18. amti

    Whitening of pearls

    Quite interesting. I had no idea about the florescence of pearls. I found it a bit difficult to differentiate between treated and untreated pearls.
  19. amti

    natural pearls pacific : FANTASTIC !

    Those are some very unique pearls! Are the backsides as pretty or are they more like mabes?
  20. amti

    Just in time for Christmas?

    It's cute but awfully tiny. My XL phone would never fit into it.