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    Clueless about pearls

    yep, those are definitely sidewalk-quality freshwater pearls. Just for kicks, my husband brought a few of those last week for my daughter, who's loves all things shiny and girly. :P
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    My first GSS

    congratulations on your purchase, they look lovely! and they sure are a good match to your earrings as well! hope you post some neck shots! i hope you won't be limited by the season on when to wear gold pearls. remember, gssps come from the tropics, yours probably came from the Philippines...
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    When you get the door tag and chase down the FedEx guy

    Aww, thanks! Your strands are lovely, wear them in good health! After trying out various lengths, I concluded that a rope works best for me since I always wear high necklines. Should I find myself wearing a V neck or a corporate shirt, I wear it as a double strand. A friend of mine on the...
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    The Palawan Strand - a Jewelmer Masterpiece!

    absolutely gor-jaaaaaaaaz! i'd would looooooove to bring these home, if only i'd win big on the lottery... ;) :p
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    New silver-blue baroque 8.5-9mm akoyas from PP

    Gorgeous, congratulations on such wonderful birthday gift! And good choice on bumping up on the size, better to go big now before the pearl shrinkage syndrome kicks in. :rolleyes: ;)
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    Evaluate this South Sea Pearl Strand

    My workhorse strand is surprisingly a 35" 9.0-9.5mm baroque akoya strand. the strand is not too pricey, but it sure packs a lot of luster. and well, it goes well with anything from my wardrobe from plains to prints, loud colors to plain black, regardless of neckline. i mean, it's white, it's...
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    How often do you wear your pearls?

    I don't have a lot of pearls, but I do wear mine quite frequently, i.e. each piece is worn at least once a week. My husband jokes that I let the pearls breathe some fresh air. :p (there is some truth to it though!) I find pearls quite nice for office wear, they make a statement but are not too...
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    Report from Las Vegas: The First Day of Couture

    Saw this report! First time I saw the Autore necklace, I sure wanted one! brings out the Danaerys in me. :P Glad it took the award for pearls! :)
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    Please help me confirm identity. Thanks!

    beautiful strand, congrats!
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    What to do with articles like this?

    I remember the queen wearing a colored triple strand necklace in her address after Princess Diana's death... ah yes, here it is! (dunno if the pearls are colored or maybe it's just the lighting, hahaha!) See, the internet can be a friend in fact-finding! :p
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    What to do with articles like this?

    True ericw, fake news are all over the place these days. But I kinda expect better research from a news outlet trying to educate the viewers. A little fact finding and not simply relying on a couple of resource people separates real newsmen/women and well, bloggers? gossip sites?
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    took these to the office today, a little fresh air did them good. (they keep my mood great too!) Should I get a longer but thinner necklace for the pendant? any chain design suggestions?
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    What to do with articles like this?

    I'm no expert but here's an article that made me go "uhm, really?" Quotable quotes include: "The whiter the pearl, the more expensive." (sorry gold ssp's and SoC's!) "South Sea...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    wow! the silver blue akoya rope is amazing, lugana! what's the pearl size? My white baroque akoya rope is a 9.0-9.5mm, is yours of the same size?
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    gorgeous strands everyone! you guys inspire me to use my pearls more often. still getting used to wearing my strand on a daily basis (not daily - everyday, more like daily - there's no special occasion), for fear of looking too... expensive? fashionista? :P here's my baroque akoyas, which look...
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    GSSP Harvest Strands, take two!

    just saw another round of harvest strands in PP. Seems that I came late to the party again, as the lengths are quite long! Like 70" long! 'Fess up ladies, where are the new proud owners of this batch of strands? :)
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    Favorite Emmy Pearl jewelry

    TV Scandal's Kerry Washington wearing Tasaki earrings. I like the modern take on dangling pearl earrings.
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    Cream 7mm Pearls with Possible Rose Gold and Platinum Clasp

    This is so cool! Old romantic tricks in the new world -- and right on time for Valentine's! I should teach my son to restring pearls, he's just 5yo but it might help him someday. :D
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    7.8 kilograms Natural Pearl

    maybe ericw if you carved something on the clam pearl and make it look fancier, the value will shoot up as a museum art piece. #businessidea ;)
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    Strand Comparison

    looking forward to neck shots, GoldenMaia! lovely strand you got there!