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  1. DavidL

    Vulonteer work at farm in French Polynesia

    Check with Kamoka as they were part of the W.W.O.O.F (World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ) and use to have volunteer opportunities you are looking for on the farm on Ahe.
  2. DavidL

    Ajman offers pearl diving journey

    If you do go please post a review.
  3. DavidL

    My Visit to Atlas Pearl farm in Bali

    Great trip report. Thanks for sharing
  4. DavidL

    A Facebook Live Pearl Paradise Show and Tell

    Great video. Had the pleasure of visiting PP and Jeremy and Hisano are very gracious hosts so would recommend trying to set up a visit if you are in the area. Was a quick Uber ride from LAX.
  5. DavidL

    Who wants to go to BALI?!?!

    Can't believe the drawing is today!!!! When does do their drawing?
  6. DavidL

    Who wants to go to BALI?!?!

    Just got it on Saturday!!
  7. DavidL

    Who wants to go to BALI?!?!

    Completed my about the same time but still waiting on the certificate.
  8. DavidL

    2016 CPAA Fiji Trip Report

    Looks like fun. can't wait to see more!
  9. DavidL

    Who wants to go to BALI?!?!

    Finished the course this Thanksgiving. It was very enjoyable but would have loved to see a section on "other pearls". Melo, abalone etc.
  10. DavidL

    Worlds Largest round Tahiti Necklace

    I thought I saw one in that size range at Robert Wan's in Tahiti but looks like his website is down right now.
  11. DavidL

    Revisiting Men in Pearls - a Pearl Guide News Article

    My go to piece is this bracelet that Josh's Dad made for me as I was leaving Kamoka/Ahe. I pretty much wear it every day and get nothing but compliments about it.
  12. bracelet


  13. Ahe


  14. DavidL

    Deeply Carved Pearls

    She has some of her stuff plus some great silver work at Hubbard Lake Silversmiths under earings
  15. DavidL

    Pick a design for my Conch Pearl

    my vote it for 1 if casual and with you being in the Bahamas I'm guessing that would get the most use. Either way please post a shot when completed.
  16. DavidL

    Deeply Carved Pearls

    What's the durability of the pearl with this deep of a carving? Does it chip easier?
  17. DavidL

    Road trip to Kojima Pearls

    I got my wife's first strand of Kamokas through Sarah several years ago and it was a pleasure dealing with her. Virtually shop her store every now and then but will have to stop by next time I am in the Bay Area as seeing them in person is the real treasure.
  18. DavidL

    WE WON! Who wants to go to Fiji? :)

    So, when't the big trip? Anxious to see more pics of Justin's beauties.
  19. DavidL

    Where to go and stay after Ruckus?

    If your interested in seeing the redwoods (and I would highly recommend it) then just North of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge is Muir Woods. Beautiful park and a very nice drive. From there you can cut through Sonoma (which I think has better and more family owned wineries than...
  20. DavidL

    looking for abalone pearls

    Might try this site.