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  1. kelluvpearls

    Pearl Collecting

    I really like the bicolor blue keshi it is adorable.
  2. kelluvpearls

    I can't wait to get these

    Cool buy Shiby it'll make a lovely fashion necklace.
  3. kelluvpearls

    365 Days of Pearls

    Cool ring. I have a feeling this will be another fantastic 365 days thread.
  4. kelluvpearls

    my engagement ring

    Congratulations and I love your elegant engagement ring.
  5. kelluvpearls

    Paula Crevoshay Trunk Show

    What a grea idea and a pair of earrings even better!
  6. kelluvpearls

    My latest loots

    Amazing luster on those pearls, they look even better with the diamond accents.
  7. kelluvpearls

    Tiara and Conch Pearl lovers

    Very pretty especially the conch pearl ring.
  8. kelluvpearls

    Paula Crevoshay Trunk Show

    Yes the blue agate pair in your photos, the top is also gorgeous with or with the drops, or you can pair the drops with another top, very versatile.
  9. kelluvpearls

    Paula Crevoshay Trunk Show

    Magnificent brooch, great choice Red. I was window shopping Leibish last week and there were these beautiful earrings by Paula Crevoshay. If I win lotto I'll be back for them.
  10. kelluvpearls

    not Keshi

    They're adorable!
  11. kelluvpearls

    My latest loots

    Definitely if it lasts for 2 weeks I'll go every day!
  12. kelluvpearls

    Fiji Pearls

    Gorgeous and so colourful.
  13. kelluvpearls

    My latest loots

    Thanks IcyJade, what a treat reading your thread. I'll need 5 days to window shop, cause I like everything, pearls, jade, gemstones...
  14. kelluvpearls

    My latest loots

    Great photos! You're great at choosing Tahitian pearls they're always very colourful. Did you look at other types of gemstones as well while you're at the show?
  15. kelluvpearls

    Matched FW metallic pairs go into... a necklace! or 3 necklaces))

    Gorgeous I love the FW drops and their colour. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  16. kelluvpearls

    My latest loots

    Wow are these all new? You have a great eye for luster and it's always a pleasure viewing your high quality pearls.
  17. kelluvpearls

    Show us your Black Friday Purchases!

    Nice work JerseyPearl hope you receive lots of sales.
  18. kelluvpearls

    2016 CPAA Fiji Trip Report

    Very cool thanks for the photos!
  19. kelluvpearls

    My latest loots

    Let us know what you get to see thanks IcyJade.
  20. kelluvpearls

    My latest loots

    Elisha wow stunning pieces!